ZTE Axon 30 Preheat: Under the Screen, 120Hz Ultra High Brush

As the best solution for the full screen of mobile phones at present, the screen forward can completely eliminate the opening on the front screen and achieve a perfect full screen effect. If it can be combined with the ultra-narrow frame of equal width on the four sides, it can get a very outstanding visual effect.

In recent two years, all mobile phone manufacturers have been developing the under-screen proactive technology, but so far only ZTE has released overproduced models in China, while a series of mainstream manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Samsung have not launched overproduced models.

Now, ZTE’s second generation of pre-shot models under the mass production screen is also about to be released, ZTE has officially announced a few days ago.

This morning, the official account of ZTE Mobile once again warmed up for the launch of the new phone, announcing that ZTE Axon 30 model will not only have underscreen forward-looking, but will also have a super-high refresh rate of 120Hz screen display, a leap over the previous generation.

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, ZTE official revealed that the plot also showed that ZTE Axon 30 also solved the problem of the previous generation of models screen resolution collapse, can achieve 400PPI high pixel density, ZTE’s terminal business division president Ni Fei said that this screen is two generations ahead of the industry level, the display effect is not a little bit.

In addition to the underscreen camera technology, this time Axon 30 under screen version may also be released globally with 20GB memory. A few days ago, ZTE’s LV Qianhao tweeted that the phone with 20GB memory is not as fluency as YYDS, which means ZTE already has a smartphone with 20GB memory, which is the first smartphone with the largest memory so far.

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Details of the 20GB memory phone are still uncertain, one speculation is that ZTE supports memory expansion technology, which can expand from 18GB to 20GB, and another is that the new ZTE phone comes with 20GB of physical memory, which does not need to expand.

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