ZTE Axon 30 New Flagship will Use Three Main 64MP Cameras

It has previously announced that the Axon flagship would use the Trinity camera system, ZTE today stepped up the heat for the new model, saying it will have three main cameras, each 64 megapixels. At the same time, according to the official “high energy full focus segment” description, the new phone will be through three cameras, to meet the needs of the whole scene.

Some manufacturers have previously announced that their products will use two main camera systems, while the phone with three main camera system, it seems, is only ZTE. The new ZTE Axon flagship will take the camera system to a whole new level through the first three main shots, which will also bring a whole new camera experience to users.

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According to the poster, the back lens of ZTE’s Axon flagship will be arranged in a triangular manner, which will not waste interior space. In addition, the Axon Flagship will be equipped with a new generation of MiFavor UI, and with the arrival of the new Flagship, MiFavor will also receive a radical change. The overall visual experience will be younger and more dynamic, but it will also have a richer range of features to ensure a smooth, stable and power-saving core experience.

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