Zeblaze THOR 6 Review – The First Octa-Core 4G Smartwatch at $169.99

Zeblaze has introduced the Thor 6, a new smartwatch which is actually more of a smartphone considering its specifications. The company has chosen the Helio P22 as the processor for Zeblaze Thor 6, which is normally intended for smartphones. Accordingly, LTE is always on board. With 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory.

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With a 1.6-inch IPS glass display, you will have one of the largest screens we will find at the moment. More awesome colours, more quality. Zeblaze THOR 6 adapts perfectly to you and that will allow you to do everything you need. In addition, it has a 400 x 400 px resolution quality, which will give you everything you need. The rest of its body is made in the shape of a sphere with resistant aluminium alloy material and with various silicone and synthetic leather straps, perfect for wearing it at any time of day and adapting it wherever you are. One of the lightest models you’ll ever own. Zeblaze THOR 6 maintains one of the great advantages which is its Dual 5MP camera; place in the sphere and which will allow you to take pictures without any problem. A high-quality camera on your wrist. Created with automatic focus and quality more than interesting for the moments of the day today.


Finally, Zeblaze THOR 6 has an 830 mAh battery, which will give you up to 60 hours of autonomy without any problem. But if we focus on the interior, we have one of the most interesting processors of the moment, an 8-core MediaTek Helio P20 processor, one of the most spectacular models thanks its 8 cores. It also has 4GB of RAM memory and has a storage capacity of 64GB, a spectacular combination that will give you a great deal of use. It is one of the most spectacular models you will find.

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Achieve all your goals easily. This Zeblaze THOR 6 comes with the Android 10 system and 4G connection, you can insert a SIM card and use it as if it were a mobile device. You can use Whatsapp to communicate with your whole world, thanks to its great connection capacity. Making calls, listening to music, gaming, and everything else you want thanks to its Bluetooth V5.0 connection. Forget about your phone, now you have everything you need on your wrist. One of the most spectacular models available. You know all the data of your sports practices, being one of the most spectacular models that you are going to find. It will become your best ally so that you can achieve a fit body. So that you can adapt it to what you need at any given time; this model has 9 sports modes which means that it can adapt; to what you want to practice every day. From running to bike, this model will tell you the data you need to enjoy your sports practice.


Zeblaze always brings us the best models, smartwatches designed for your enjoyment. The new Zeblaze Thor 6 is designed for sports and connectivity lovers. One of the most innovative smartwatches which feature a SIM slot for 4G connection, operating system 10, 5 MP dual camera and all the functions for daily exercise routine monitoring. we can buy it from Banggood at $169.99 in Flash Sale, 100 pcs limited for the first batch at the lowest price.

Buy Zeblaze Thor 6 From Banggood

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