Zagg’s new iPad cases are affordable alternatives to the Magic Keyboard

Image: Zagg

Zagg has announced a new selection of iPad keyboards: the Pro Keys with Trackpad, a case with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard; the laptop-style Rugged Book with an adjustable magnetic hinge; and the trackpad-less Pro Keys case (via 9to5Mac).

The accessories support several of Apple’s newest iPads, from the M1-enabled iPad Pro on the high-end to the entry level 10.2-inch iPad. Good alternative keyboard cases to Apple’s trackpad-equipped Magic Keyboard are mostly limited to Logitech’s Combo Mix or Brydge’s Pro Plus, so Zagg’s version is more than welcome, if a bit less sleek.

Unlike the Magic Keyboard, the Pro Keys with Trackpad has a case that wraps around your entire iPad and a detachable backlit Bluetooth keyboard that also doubles as…

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