YouTube had the mostly unremarkable year it was looking for

YouTube Brandcast Presented By Google - Presentation
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic for YouTube

YouTube started the last few years off with nothing short of catastrophic headlines about some of its creators.

2017 saw Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg receive global criticism for a video in which he displayed anti-Semitic imagery; 2018 found Logan Paul uploading footage of a dead body to YouTube; 2019 ushered in loot crate controversies and dangerous stunts by top personalities like Jake Paul who took part in the Bird Box challenge by driving while blindfolded, leading to fundamental policy changes at the company. Those events were only within the first few weeks of each year, too.

2020 was much quieter. The year has gone by without a cascade of egregious misdeeds and public relations disasters. That’s not to suggest YouTube had a perfect…

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