xWatch EX16T Smartwatch Review: Simple but Practical


As the world gets deeper into tech and becomes more dependent on smart devices, the number of smartwatches is increasing too. But, despite the increase in quantity, their prices are pretty hefty and somewhat unaffordable for most people out there. Today, we are going to review the xWatch EX16T smartwatch having a lot of features which is only priced at $19.99.

xWatch EX16T – Design

As a sports smartwatch, the xWatch EX16T has a square-shaped design which looks like an industrial loft style. Even though it is mostly made of plastic, the quality is sturdy, and the dial is a bit heavy.

xWatch EX16T Smartwatch

There are four buttons set respectively on the sides that help you navigate through the user interface, change modes, turn on the Bluetooth and so on.

xWatch EX16T Smartwatch 2

xWatch EX16T – Functionality

The xWatch EX16T bags some stunning features for a $19.99 smartwatch. It can be used for checking real-time sports data of the wearer for a day, such as steps counting, burned calory and walking distance. Not only that, but it can set alarm, stopwatch, manipulate the phone camera and remind phone call and message.

You can connect the watch to your phone via Bluetooth, and use the app to check out your data. Within the app, your data will be shown in the form of a graph. Also, you can share your data on Wechat, Facebook, and Twitter. Furthermore, the watch reminds you for an incoming call and message reminder after you set up on the app.

xWatch EX16T – Battery Life

The xWatch EX16T has a 220mAh battery, and the standby time is up to 12 months under the saving mode. So in case, your battery drains to its fullest, instead of recharging it, just change the battery.