Xiaomi’s short video app Zhenjing Video makes a brief appearance


Xiaomi, a leading Chinese internet service, and hardware company is all set to launch its new short video application – Zhenjing Video. This announcement seems like the company is following the footsteps of Tencent and Bytedance.

Xiaomi has a controlling stake in many cities in China. Due to this fact, the company headquartered its app, Zhenjing Video’s, in the southwestern city of Chengdu. Zhenjing Video showed a sneak-peek on Xiaomi and Baidu’s Android app stores, but then it was taken down for some hidden reasons. This activity has attracted the interests of the company’s users in epic proportions.

Similar App: WeChat

However, Xiaomi’s successful WeChat mini-program is still up and running. The app features the ability to host videos ranging from one to 10 minutes long, carrying added features of personalizing content and creating “bullet screens” for displaying comments. Currently, users are unable to upload their videos. The company might want to take some bitter decisions to ensure the success of either of the apps.

Jumping on the bandwagon

Xiaomi jumping on the short video services bandwagon seems pretty much in line with the company’s strategy so far. The Chinese smartphone maker has already created an ecosystem of internet services products that comes pre-installed in Xiaomi’s smartphones.

The various internet services offered by Xiaomi to its smartphone users vary from online media content streaming such as videos and music to its own payments services called Mi-Pay. While some of those services are still limited to China, a few of the services have made to other regions as well, the latest being Mi Pay’s official launch in India earlier this month.