Xiaomi’s Heads Responded the Questions and Suggestions of Everyone’s Concern

Recently, a product manager at Xiaomi, who is also the general manager of MIUI Experience, officially announced that they had established a new committee called “MIUI Pioneer Group” more than a week ago. The members of this council will be in charge of fully dedicating themselves to fixing all kinds of errors that MIUI users face.

They will be aware of user comments about bugs or errors that they may find, making these a priority for a faster solution. The committee will post its progress in the form of a report through the Mi Community forums.

A Chinese blog IT Home was informed that last night a mobile phone performance Q&A special session of Xiaomi’s head online and MIUI Pioneer Group was summed up. The four heads of Xiaomi responded to the representative questions and suggestions of everyone’s concern. MIUI Pioneer Team members Zhang Guoquan and Qiao Zhongliang, as well as two other Xiaomi business leaders Zhang Nan and Zheng Qing, answered questions that Mi Fan cares about online.

Mi Fan asked: I think it is possible to let the phone intelligently schedule SoC, use as much software as needed, don’t keep running full, I feel that this can reduce heat and power consumption, or it can create three modes of energy-saving, balance, and performance.

Answer: The suggestion is very good. At the same time balance enthusiast users and ordinary users. It is difficult to judge by only one mode. We will add a balance mode/performance mode. The default balance mode for ordinary users: save power, basically smooth; enthusiast users can Choose the performance mode to fly; the animation is also being graded, distinguished according to the processing capacity of the mobile phone.

Mi Fan asked: Can I force the frame to be locked when playing games?

Answer: The frame will not be forced to lock, and the frame rate will be limited only when the phone reaches a certain temperature. Performance and heat are a double-edged sword, especially in non-air-conditioned rooms in summer, if the frame rate is not restricted, even the national 3C standard is difficult to meet.

Mi Fan asked: Mi 6 already exists in the impression of balanced mode and performance mode, and I don’t know why it was canceled afterward.

Answer: Our fault, we think we can distribute fans and ordinary users through the game mode. With the increase in sales, more users join the Xiaomi family and the problem becomes more prominent. We will adjust two sets of parameters, and it is expected to go online in August.

Mi Fan asked: Why do you want to cut sound effects?

Answer: I really haven’t cut the sound effects. Now that the weather is heating up, after the phone reaches a certain temperature, in order to limit excessive heating, there will be certain restrictions on performance. A balance needs to be made before performance and heat. I hope everyone will understand. We need to do subtraction, and we will do a strict review when doing subtraction.

Mi Fan asked: The current power consumption is very difficult for 5000 capacity. As a super Mi Fan, I hope that the battle time is 10. This is the most basic, and the ability to use it moderately for a long time will not make people feel that it will go as soon as possible. The anxiety of recharging. At present, I have to charge 3 times a day when I play games. When I sleep, I have to charge 1 time to deal with the next day’s battle. The joint experience of 2000 fans is the best experience solution for sleeping once every night.

Answer: The phone is hot, and the frame rate is definitely limited. For heavy game users, it is recommended to have a heat dissipation back clip. Professional players who have seen the game league with their own eyes find a towel to wipe their hands after playing the game. Heavy users still have high requirements for performance, and it is impossible to recommend methods such as FHD/60HZ/low brightness/small sound.

Mi Fan asked: Control the heat. Whether it is gaming or charging, the frame rate of the game is not stable and the experience is too bad. It is recommended to give a refresh rate of 90

Answer: The new frame rate is related to the hardware. Different frame rates require hardware to burn different gamma curves. Hard-writing a 90HZ will cause display abnormalities in many scenes.

Mi Fan asked: Now that you have admitted that there is a problem with the optimization of Android 11, let Xiaomi 9 eat Android 12 (in fact, I just want Xiaomi 9 to eat Android 12)

Answer: On Android 11, in order to control the reading permission of the third-party application to the system folder, it is equivalent to using the efficiency for security.

Mi Fan asked: Why did I lock the resolution to 720P or even lower when playing games?

Answer: We have never lowered the resolution.

Mi Fan asked: Xiaomi 11 Ultra, using a certain brand of the wireless charger before the system upgrade can be fully charged in 3-4 hours, although the speed is a bit slow; but since the upgrade to 12.5.7 after charging for one night, the battery can not be fully charged, only increase About 10%, I have tried many times, and the wireless charger has no faults. I have tried it on other mobile phones and hope to solve it.

Answer: In the case of Xiaomi 11 Ultra, incompatible chargers have caused fast charging failures and possible safety issues. Therefore, we have specifically restricted these incompatible chargers. It is strongly recommended to use the original charger, regardless of safety and compatibility can be guaranteed.

Mi Fan asked: Add back the balanced mode and performance mode.

Answer: Yes, we are already in progress, you think the same as us.

Mi Fan asked: When will we be able to achieve high-end top-level animation, it will be better to retain animation with low-end technology.

Answer: The goal is high-end top-level animation, the mid-end achieves the industry benchmark TOP level, and the entry-level machine retains animation. This goal is designed because many animations are very performance-oriented, such as dynamic real-time Gaussian blur, and some mid-range machines cannot handle it.

Mi Fan asked: Can you focus on bug fixes?

Answer: We are working hard to fix the issues that everyone is concerned about. You can see the weekly development version’s update log, or you can see Jin Fan’s Weibo today.

Mi Fan asked: Add a one-key downgrade function.

Answer: Did we encounter any specific problems? This idea is in place, but from the perspective of software engineering, it is called backward compatibility, that is, it can only be upgraded, not downgraded, so it is impossible to achieve it.

Mi Fan asked: Why did the 888 models notify the Gaussian blur and cut it?

Answer: I didn’t cut it. In fact, the effect of supporting partial blur has been adjusted to prevent the text from being unclear under certain circumstances.

Mi Fan asked: If the fancy animations and functions affect the running speed, I hope they are all closed by default, including Xiao Ai; secondly, I hope that the system application can be streamlined, and the unnecessary ones can be removed.

Answer: 1. From the engineering point of view, the amount of drawing with animation and without animation is the same, but if there is a freeze, the animation will magnify the freeze experience. Aiming at this point, we do animation grading design based on machine performance, and different hardware animation levels are different. 2. MIUI12.5 has made the system non-essential applications can be uninstalled, the desktop icons containing the core components of the system can be removed, you can try to see if it can meet the needs.

Mi Fan Q: The internal test conditions need to be changed.

Answer: Yes, it will be changed.

Mi Fan asked: Advertising problems, that’s not so common. Turning off ads is a tutorial.

Answer: Advertisements currently have a key to advertise function, which can remove most of the tool advertisements. You can give it a try and see if it can meet your needs.

Mi Fan asked: The ads in the theme store and application store cannot be closed with one click.

Answer: The themes of the theme store are free, but they are all designed works. If there is no advertising to make money to subsidize the designer, then the designer will not have the motivation to design the theme. Some scenes in the app store have the phenomenon you mentioned.

Mi Fan asked: Will the internal test score mechanism be changed? I hope Xiaomi can change the review mechanism of the development version.

Answer: The internal testing mechanism will be changed. With the release of the new version of the App, you can follow @大李同学’s Weibo. The time is about autumn, and the specific time is confidential information, please forgive me.

Mi Fan asked: The bug that the notification bar message will overlap has not been fixed.

Answer: This is a side effect caused by the previous notification of transparent background optimization. Fix the test this week and enter the version next week.

Mi Fan asked: The preset application occupies too much-running memory, 8g running memory does not have a background, and the preset uses 4g.

Answer: This may be misunderstood. The program has basic logic. It uses memory space for running time, which means that large memory is used to run faster. In other words, large memory is used to make the application run faster. The fast core is released when it is time to release to make room for other applications that need it.

Mi Fan asked: The camera app is too big, can I split it? The most commonly used and most basic functions are placed in the default App, and the others are placed in Camera Pro.

Answer: Your suggestion is very good, I will feed it back to the person in charge of the camera.

Mi Fan asked: Can you release a function that can be manually upgraded and downgraded by the operating system?

Answer: The core is still to solve the issue of publishing quality. We must improve this ability.

Mi Fan asked: When can MIUI animations be upgraded again, such as the control center pull-down animation, the zoom animation for opening and closing applications, and the blurry wallpaper zooming.

Answer: We are now doing hierarchical design based on different hardware, such as real-time Gaussian blur, some models can not handle it, but it may also be that the current animation effect is not well done. You need to analyze which situation is based on your model.

Mi Fan asked: I trouble Xiaomi to change the review mechanism of the development version; then the system is too bloated; and finally, I really don’t understand the behavior of cutting speakers.

Answer: 1. The review mechanism of the development version is determined to be changed, you can read Da Li’s Weibo; 2. MIUI12.5 adds the function of uninstalling non-essential applications of the application system and removing the desktop icons of the necessary components. You try to see if you can solve part of the problem. 3. It should be a misunderstanding, and there will be no hacking of speakers.

Mi Fan asked: Is the system stable? This is the most important thing! Simplify the system on this basis. Don’t forget to add the useful and useless ones. The functions can be made into plug-ins.

A: Stability and fluency have been set up for special follow-up optimization, which is also our most important thing at the moment. For different models, we will also customize and streamline business functions differently, weighing the relationship between affect and smoothness.

Mi Fan asked: The focus mode has collapsed for a long time, and the student party really hopes that it can be repaired.

Answer: It will be confirmed and repaired as soon as possible, and the release will be self-upgrading.

Mi Fan asked: What do you say about the performance of the old model?

A: The performance stability optimization of the old model is also covered.

Mi Fan asked: The fingerprint is stuck when unlocking. The fingerprint module is often still on after the finger is removed, and the stuck time is a few seconds, and the fingerprint animation is not smooth.

Answer: The lock screen unlock scene has been used as the core scene, and the fluency is optimized. We confirm the problem of “fingerprint is still on”, and welcome to submit user feedback after encountering it.

Mi Fan asked: The application startup speed needs to be further improved. After clicking on QQ and WeChat, it often takes a few seconds to enter the application.

Answer: This problem is not a startup speed problem, but an app background resident problem. When the memory is tight, sometimes QQ and WeChat will be recycled, and the next time you enter it, it will restart. The ability of the MIUI system to stay in the background has been optimized.

Mi Fan asked: The new version is often reloaded after a negative screen. Can you solve it?

Answer: The new version of the negative one screen reload problem is because the negative one screen process is very resident, and the memory is reloaded after being reclaimed. This problem has been optimized, whether it is for high-end or entry-level machines.

Mi Fan asked: 1. Desktop dynamic effects and transition animations need to be further improved and optimized; 2. Never cut animation effects for smoothness; 3. Focus on optimizing the bottom layer of the system and increase the application startup speed to match smoother system animations.

@郑晴 Answer: 1. Several core scenes of the desktop have been specially optimized in terms of chirality and animation fluency. 2. No, the animation is a core optimization of MIUI. We will pursue a balance between smoothness and effect. 3. The application startup speed, especially the white screen/slow startup of the system application on the entry machine, has been optimized, and the version will be gradually improved.

Mi Fan asked: Don’t drop frames anymore in daily animation.

A: Accepted, the special project is in progress. In general, the optimization is completed at any time, and the version is updated at any time. At the business level, after the optimization of each App is completed, it will be released through self-upgrading; partly relying on optimization at the system level, after completion, it will directly enter the development version for observation, and then merge into the stable version. The specific stable release plan has different time nodes according to different models.

Mi Fan asked: Redmi phone is slow to open the software, and it kills the background seriously. I hope to solve it soon.

Answer: For the Redmi model, the system App startup slow/white screen problem has been optimized and will be integrated into the development version as soon as possible. At the same time, the improvement of App background residency capacity is also under the special project.

Mi Fan asked: I hope to improve the stability and solve the problem of dropped frames.

Answer: A comprehensive optimization of the fluency of dropped frames is being done for the core business scenarios, and the optimization has been completed and released through self-upgrading.

Mi Fan asked: It’s a lot of functions to make things simpler, so you can choose some appropriately to ensure stable operation.

A: For the model, the function layering has been done. In addition to the memory benefits brought about by streamlining, smoothness and stability are all in the special optimization.

Mi Fan asked: My mobile phone is Mi 11 Ultra. After a fingerprint unlocks, a black screen appeared, the screen could not be operated, and it was forced to restart.

Answer: This problem is known. Fix 6.4 has entered the development version and is expected to enter the stable version at the end of the month.

Mi Fan Q: It is recommended to optimize the storage and storage of mobile phones.

A: In the past six months, we have re-organized the memory usage of the entire MIUI business (including front-end and back-end occupancy). According to the type and weight of the business, different standards have been set for each business, and the business is required Must meet the standard. In addition to the formulation of standards and strict control of the process, we have also made some technical optimizations. For example, at the beginning of last year, we also upgraded the external RAM function of small memory models this year. In addition, we have also made some improvements in response to many user feedback For the background resident problem, we have also developed a new process management strategy to improve the user’s background resident experience. These functions will be gradually launched in the subsequent major versions of MIUI.

Mi Fan asked: The scheduling of the Xiaomi system can be scheduled in the software or not very important system components or can it be frozen in a specific scenario?

A: In this area of system scheduling optimization, we used to apply more in the game scene. We can automatically identify the rendering thread and the dependent threads related to the rendering thread, and optimize it in terms of scheduling, such as priority scheduling Go to the big core or directly perform task jump processing, in this way to ensure the performance of the game. Similarly, in non-game scenarios, we will also press some non-critical or non-critical threads all on the small core, on the one hand, to ensure the use of foreground resources, and on the other hand, to avoid some background processes from occupying the CPU. Whether it is scheduling optimization or process freezing, the purpose is to ensure the reasonable use of the limited resources of the system.

Mi Fan asked: I only feel that the mobile phone manager has been optimized, and when I open the mobile phone manager, there are still these software.

A: I understand you should be talking about background cleaning. This is to directly kill background applications. There are actually two different concepts from background freezing.

Mi Fan asked: The system scheduling of Snapdragon 888 is too radical. I hope that users can choose by switching “performance mode”.

A: Actually there was a performance mode in MIUI a few years ago. At that time, it was just a simple adjustment of the temperature control. Later, considering that this adjustment may only be useful in-game scenarios, so I moved this mode to game acceleration inside. However, as user scenarios become more and more complex, the adjustment of simple temperature control can no longer meet the demand. Scheduling optimization is also a focus and direction of our system optimization, especially on the 888 platforms, we have introduced some optimization items in the recent development version, such as re-adjusting perf boost parameters in certain scenarios, and optimizing some scheduling logic For the caused bug, in some head applications, the CPU parameters have been re-adjusted. These optimization measures will soon be imported into the stable version.

Mi Fan asked: I hope to optimize Xiaomi  Mi11 Ultra in specific scenarios, such as 5G, high brush, and so on.

A: At present, 5G has to open SA due to the requirements of operators, so some of the previous optimization strategies are invalid. At present, we are still looking for some new optimization methods. For 2K+120Hz, it not only brings higher power consumption but also brings pressure on performance. Our current strategy is to limit the frame rate for some scenes that do not require high brushing, such as certain games. It only supports up to 60 frames, and the system side will switch to 60Hz after it is recognized.

Mi Fan asked: When playing shooting games, I didn’t follow my hands with slight sliding. It may be because the sliding threshold is too high. I hope to reduce the sliding threshold or add a function that can adjust the touch threshold in the game acceleration.

Answer: At present, the customization of touch is supported in the game acceleration, you can search for it and try it.

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