Xiaomi’s Flipbuds Pro Headphones Have Been Confirmed

With the release of Apple’s AirPods, almost every phone vendor in the market has entered the wireless headset market, even seriously encroaching on Apple’s market.

The AirPods Pro comes with noise cancelling capabilities, great noise cancelling capabilities, comfortable wear, and a very comfortable experience with Apple’s iOS interface.

Chinese manufacturers like Huawei have already launched similar products before, and now Xiaomi is joining the ranks.

Last night, Xiaomi Smart Lifestyle officially announced the Flipbuds Pro, Xiaomi’s flagship noise-cancelling earphone. It also said that the launch of the new series will open a new chapter and open a new high-end listening experience. It is also the company’s first flagship noise-cancelling earphone product.

According to the current official appearance picture, the shell of Flipbuds Pro adopts a design similar to ceramic texture. The whole body adopts arc lines, which makes it look warm and smooth like jade in visual aspect and has excellent texture.

According to the official statement of Xiaomi, Flipbuds Pro adopts a delicate curved design, and every angle is polished properly, which is in line with the new logo of Xiaomi. In the hand, you can feel the round and vivid vitality.

The Flipbuds Pro also features an earbuds body that fits into the case, and a similar design to Apple’s AirPods Pro. The earbuds have an ergonomically integrated handle and earbuds, according to a photo of the headphones released by Digital.com. It is expected to be comfortable to wear.

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As far as functionality is concerned, the blogger has revealed that the Flipbuds Pro‘s noise reduction is very good, and may be on par with the AirPods Pro overall, but the price should be a lot friendlier.

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