Xiaomi Youpin Water Purifier Launched: Compact Body and Ultrafiltration Membrane

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin launched a new water purifier-Mijia Ultrafiltration Water Purifier. This product uses a new ultrafiltration membrane and achieves zero wastewater and zero electricity consumption.

In terms of appearance design, Xiaolang Ultrafiltration Water Purifier has a simple appearance design, which can be matched with various styles of household products. Its body is lightweight, and its measurements are 215x319x60mm. And this water purifier has no storage tank, saving cabinet space.

In terms of core function, the biggest feature of Xiaolang Ultrafiltration Water Purifier is that it replaces the common RO membrane with an ultrafiltration membrane. The ultrafiltration membrane uses a high-efficiency hollow fiber filter membrane as the core filter layer. Get rid of harmful objects such as bacteria in the water. According to the official description, compared to RO membranes, ultrafiltration membranes can retain beneficial minerals while purifying water, which can supplement the trace elements needed by the human body.

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In terms of the filter element, Xiaolang ultrafiltration water purifier adopts a composite integrated filter element, which is composed of folded PP+activated carbon fiber+activated carbon rod+ultrafiltration membrane technology. The 4-fold filtration can effectively remove residual chlorine, colloid, rust, and other substances in the water. As for the price, this Xiaolang ultrafiltration water purifier is priced at 499 yuan.

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