Xiaomi Youpin Portable Boiling Cup Crowdfunding: Quickly Boiling Water in 6 Min

Xiaomi Youpin launched a portable Xiaomi Youpin Portable Boiling Cup that can boil a cup of water in 6 minutes, and the price is only 79 yuan. This portable boiling cup has a capacity of 400ml and a bodyweight of 550g. The inner tank is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which has no peculiar smell and no harmful molecules will be produced during heating.

A 400W power supply is integrated inside the water cup, which can boil 400ml of water in just 6 minutes. The plug-in base and the cup body are separated design, which is convenient to take and avoids the risk of scalding by boiling water.

It is also equipped with an intelligent temperature sensing device, which can monitor the water temperature in real-time, start dry heating protection when there is no water, and automatically shut down.

In terms of safety, the water cup adopts a cup-line separation design, and the power cord can be stored in the cup lid when heating is not required. It is separated from the inside of the cup body, which is convenient to carry and healthy, greatly reducing the space occupied by the product and ensuring safety.

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In terms of design, the body of the Xiaomi Youpin Portable Boiling Cup is wide and narrow at the bottom. The body is made of PP material with a matte texture. This product can adapt to more voltages and can also be used in international travel.

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