Xiaomi unveils Ninebot awesome Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates


Skates have always had an emotional sentiment attached to it throughout the world. Despite various designs of countless skates, Xiaomi’s new skates definitely possess the best unique design, ever. Xiaomi has gone and unveiled the latest Ninebot product, the Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates. It will be an understatement to say they look awesome. It’s got an almost futuristic feel to it. Ninebot’s mastery of self-balancing boards has given us this pretty cool pair of skates. So, let’s take a closer look at the brand new Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates.

Ninebot Specifications

First off, let’s take a close look at some of the thing’s specifications. Each balance wheel weighs about 2.6kg, which isn’t too bad. The chassis is a one-piece die-cast magnesium alloy that weighs in at 354g. Xiaomi and Ninebot tout it is being lightweight and very strong, so hopefully, it holds up well over time. Unfortunately, it only supports people of up to 80KGs, so there’s a chance some won’t get to experience it.


Each balance wheel has six high-powered 18,650 batteries and can last up to 80 minutes. There’s an intelligent BMS battery management system on board that helps distributes the load in a low battery state, effectively protecting the battery. Ninebot also says you should only use these on the flat and dry ground if that weren’t already obvious enough.

Ninebot claims that all their 20 years of experience have come together to make the Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates. They’re supposedly just as complex as a car, only shrunken down to the size of a shoe. In fact, that’s something they keep bringing up, so it’s clear they’re proud of it. In terms of pricing, the Mijia Self Balancing e-Skates go for 999 yuan and will go on sale on the 18th of June.