Xiaomi releases Redmi Y3 durability test video

Xiaomi’s Redmi Y3 is surely one of the phones that has our primary attention. According to Xiaomi, the mid-range beast will be the company’s first device with a 32 MP selfie camera. Ahead of the launch, Xiaomi India has released a video testing the build quality of the device.

After numerous speculations about the device’s name, the video confirms the device will indeed launch as the Redmi Y3. It will feature a dual rear camera setup which will sit vertically on the left of the phone. An LED flash is beneath the sensors and a fingerprint scanner is in the middle. The variant is blue but because of the design, it reflects all the colors of the rainbow depending on the angle light rays hit the glass back. Up in front, the Redmi Y3 packs a display with a water-drop notch that houses the 32MP selfie camera.


Talk about Ruthless Durability Tests

The Redmi Y3 had to go some serious durability tests. The phone was put in a wastebasket which is then rolled down a flight of stairs. The phone survives the fall but we don’t get to see a close-up view to know if the body survived unscathed. We aren’t sold on the durability test as it doesn’t replicate a real life scenario. We advise you get a protective case for your phone especially one that is covered in glass on both sides.

The Redmi Y3 will be announced in India on the 24th of April. Other than the 32MP selfie camera, Redmi has also confirmed it will have a 4,000mAh battery and splash protection.