Xiaomi RedmiBook Pro 16 2024 released: 99Wh battery ceiling from 5999 yuan, $844

Igeekphone February 22 news, tonight Xiaomi released a new notebook – RedmiBook Pro 16 2024.

The Redmi Book Pro 16 2024 is equipped with a super refresh rate display up to 165Hz, 3072×1920 resolution, 16:10 screen ratio, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, narrow bezel 91.88% high screen ratio.

The notebook supports mi multi-screen with the same color, the same picture in support of multi-screen with the same color millet smart device, the color display is consistent, more able to convey the picture effect you want to show, but also reduce the color difference problem encountered in media work.

In terms of performance, the Redmi Book Pro 16 2024 is equipped with a new Intel Ultra processor, which is available in Ultra5 125H and Ultra 7 155H.

The Intel Ultra processor uses a new modular design in a 3D package, using the most appropriate process for each module to achieve better performance and lower power consumption. Redmi Book Pro 16 2024 Series with excellent internal cooling structure design, so that this core performance release of an amazing 70W.

The new Intel Ultra processor is equipped with high-performance sharp core display, compared with the 13th-generation 28W core i7 processor core display, the performance is improved by up to 100%, and can run 3A titles at 1080P resolution, giving the use of light games in thin notebook.

In addition, the Redmi Book Pro 16 2024 uses up to 32GB of ultra-high speed 7467MT/s LPDDR5X memory, allowing it to multi-task silk-switching, applications load faster.

In terms of heat dissipation, the Redmi Book Pro 16 2024 is equipped with strong hurricane heat dissipation, and the performance release can reach an amazing 70W. Its built-in triple heat pipe strong hurricane heat dissipation, 8mm+6mm+6mm covering the main core device, quickly disperse the heat.

Equipped with dual 12V high-speed fans, up to 6400 rpm, air through the bottom of the fuselage intake hole high-speed suction, through the flow of three heat pipes, to achieve efficient hurricane air heat dissipation.

The Redmi Book Pro 16 2024 comes standard with a 99Wh super-capacity battery that can support about 27.7 hours of local video playback.

It is worth mentioning that according to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the rated energy value of the lithium-ion battery built into the laptop should not exceed 100Wh. The 99Wh capacity battery is close to the maximum allowed battery capacity that can be carried on the plane, which is called the ceiling level laptop battery capacity.

At the system level, Redmi Book Pro 16 relies on the ability of Xiaomi Surging Smart Link to open up with mobile phones and tablets of Surging OS, greatly improving productivity, and realizing cross-device collaboration, keyboard and mouse collaboration, wonderful desktop, millet mutual transmission and other functions.

In terms of price, the Redmi Book Pro 16 starts at 5,999 yuan.

There’s also the Redmi Book Pro 14, which starts at 4,999 yuan.

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