Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 – Is It The Best Choice For You?

Here comes another written review

This time we will be talking about the much publicized Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (3GB Version in Grey)

So Lets Talk About The Device

As you may know, I have been using the leTV X500 for the last couple of weeks, and love it!

I actually had the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 before this, and although I found it was a nice enough device, I just wasn’t empresed by the plastic feel to it

It just did not feel like a premium device

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 however is a totally different story

When you open the package One of the first things you notice is how Xiaomi have included a tempered glass screen protector and a gel case for free, really nice touch which I would like to see ALL manufacturers doing in the future

Full metal body gives the feel of a much more expensive device

It came in a very small box (which made me wonder if it was actually a 5 inch device)

But no, it is what I expected and more!

Included in the package was a Tempered Glass screen protector, and a separate box for the earphones (nice touch Xiaomi)

All the usual stuff on first start up, welcome messages and settings preferences were done with ease

To say this new Note 3 has a premium feel is an understatement, it really feels like a far more expensive device than the $189 I paid

I now wonder if i should keep this as my daily driver, and keep the X500 as a backup (that’s how nice the device looks and feels)

3GB Ram provides a lightning fast user experience, and of course zero lag

32GB Rom should be enough for most people, although just like the leTV X500 a micro SD Card slot would have been very useful

Bluboo managed to get 2 Sims and a Micro SD slot on the Xtouch, so why LeTV and Xiaomi couldn’t is beyond me?

The lack of the “PlayStore” is another slight let down, you do however get the MiUi app store (not sure any of us will actually use this though)

There will be (if there aren’t already) tutorials on the MiUi forums on how to get the Note 3 rooted, and get TWRP so we can flash over “Gapps”

Finger print scanner works very well, although I feel the X500 works a little faster

The LED Flash light is more like a lazer! has to be the brightest LED I have seen for quite some time

Comes with MiUi 7 “Multi Langauge Rom” out of the box so will be suitable for almost all Countries

It does however come with quite a lot of Chinese apps, these as always can be deleted or frozen using “Titanium Backup Pro”

The speaker is more than adequate, but I again feel the X500 does better here, as is has the speakers in the bottom of the device,  the note 3 has the speaker on the back

WiFi is super quick, and downloading apps takes less time then a lot of device I have previously owned

USB type C would have been great here, but its just a Micro USB Port, fast charging and a type C connection would have been really nice here, and I cannot understand why they didn’t do it?

Although this Redmi Note 3 is slightly thicker than the LeTV X500 you really don’t notice this at all

The camera is optimized brilliantly (13mp/5mp) with dual LED – photo’s are crisp and clear in all enviroments, very quick auto focus makes it a pleasure to use

If I’m honest (and I hate to admit this) the camera is better on the Note 3 than on the X500

But the X500 does have 4K video recording, so I guess that could sway some potential buyers

But new OTA Updates for the X500 should be interesting regarding any camera fixes

A nice fat 4000mAh battery means this device will last throughout the day with no issue at all, even for heavy/power users

But if you are a light user like me, I really dont think you will notice a massive difference between the X500 and the Note 3

A full HD display makes video playback a real pleasure to watch

And of course the Helio X10 chipset clocked at 2.0GHZ means it runs like a dream

We will always see comparisons between this device and the X500Â

So should you buy One instead of the LeTV X500?

Not an easy question to answer for anyone I’m afraid, as they are both superb devices!

If you need better battery life and better camera then the Redmi Note 3 is for you

If like me you like the feel of a $500 device for less than $200 then the X500 may be better.

I love my LeTv X500 but the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes a VERY close second and I’m certain anyone choosing the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 over the LeTV X500 will be more then happy with their choice

But for me, the Redmi Note 3 just looks a little plain, just a Black faced generic Android device? unlike the LeTv X500which looks very premium

But saying that, this is the the beauty of Xiaomi devices, as Scrivz69 Premium member here in the forum said once “they just work” and thats the confidence you have when buying a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3