Xiaomi Phone Got New Patent Authorized

Recently, Beijing Xiaomi mobile software co., LTD. has obtained a mobile phone appearance patent authorization, announcement number CN306479491S, the application date is October 2020. The patent summary shows that 1. The name of the product of this design: mobile phone. 2. The purpose of this design product: for mobile communication and running programs. 3. The design points of this product are: the shape, especially the shape of the lens area on the back of the product. 4. The picture or photograph that best illustrates the key points of the design: Design 1 Stereoscopic Figure 1.

According to the released pictures, we can see that the new Xiaomi rear camera design is very irregular, which is different from the common design in the market. There are four holes in total, which should contain the camera and flash, and the overall shape is similar to lightning, which looks pretty cool. If Xiaomi does launch a production phone with this rear lens design, it will be welcomed by at least some consumers. But if past experience is any guide, Xiaomi probably won’t actually launch a device with such a design.

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When it comes to Xiaomi’s phone design, there seems to be a return to simplicity these days. A few years ago, with the development of mobile phone technology, the number of cameras in Xiaomi phones also increased. This trend culminated in the Mi 10 series, where the rear camera extends into the center of the phone’s back. But with the Mi 11 series, Xiaomi has returned to simple design and light packing, bringing a different visual experience to consumers.

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