Xiaomi New Air Conditioner officially Reveals: Heating and Cooling

The heating season in the north officially started, but the friends in the south have to rely more on air-conditioning, electric heating, and other equipment. Today, Xiaomi’s smart home appliances official micro-announcement, Xiaomi New Air Conditioner will be announced tomorrow, in addition to controlling the heating and cooling, there is mysterious black technology.

“I heard that your air conditioner only controls heating and cooling? It’s almost 2021. Of course, the air conditioner can’t only control heating and cooling; what control skills does your air conditioner have? Do you still hope that What else can be controlled? Xiaomi’s new air conditioner will be announced tomorrow, let’s look forward to the mysterious black technology~”

At present, Xiaomi’s air conditioner product line has covered hanging and vertical models. The main selling points include huge power saving, huge money-saving, self-cleaning, soft wind, etc., and the appearance ID design is unified and familyized.

Not surprisingly, the new Xiaomi air conditioner to be announced this time will not only continue the above-mentioned existing selling points but will also add control functions other than heating and cooling. According to feedback from netizens, the winter haze is coming, and there is a general concern about the air purification function. I don’t know if Xiaomi can realize it on new products.

In July 2018, the first Mijia Internet air conditioner was born, and the sales volume exceeded 1 million units in just one year, setting an industry record.

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At present, Xiaomi’s new air conditioner has achieved full-scene coverage of living room and bedroom from 1 to 3 horses, from hanging to vertical.

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