Xiaomi Mobile Phone New Patent Exposed

On June 20, the “mobile phone” patent applied by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office.

The patent’s summary section says the “key design point” of the model is the design of the curved ring screen, the front and rear cameras are using under-screen cameras, the front and left sides of the product have no bezels, and the back screen has no protrusive ornaments.

According to the patent diagram published by the State Intellectual Property Office, the front part of the model has a front-facing camera opening; Three rear camera openings are reserved in the rear part, and the middle part is probably separated by a smaller panel.

Xiaomi released a similar surround screen mobile phone MIX Alpha 5G in September 2019, with a screen ratio of up to 180.6%, supporting full Netcom 5G dual card, 100 million pixel three cameras, and a price of 19999 yuan, which was originally planned to be sold in December. However, Lei Jun said on his Weibo account in August 2020, “This is a pre-research project, and it has successfully completed the pre-research goal.” Later, the mass production was too difficult, and finally decided not to mass production, and concentrated on doing the next generation MIX.”

It should be noted that the MIX Alpha 5G concept phone has eliminated the handset, front and side buttons of the phone, but in the patent diagram of this appearance, the front and side buttons are retained, and it is not clear what form these parts will come out, after all, this is only a patent.

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