Xiaomi MIUI Notes Internal Test Mind Map Function

Xiaomi MIUI notes recently launched a mind map function. Although it is still in the beta stage, it has been loved by many users. It is more convenient to use Xiaomi MIUI notes directly instead of downloading software separately. Upload to the cloud at any time, very convenient. Maybe you don’t know how to add a mind map. The following explains the detailed method of adding a mind map. You can learn more about it.

How to add a mind map to MIUI notes?

1. Open the note v2.8.0 version, click on the new note, you can see the created thinking note. Create different levels, and then you can directly form a mind map.

2. Then you can see two symbols in the lower right corner, click the first one to add a first-level mind map, click the second button to add branches, and click a few times to form more branches, Such a collision of a complete mind map is done.

3. Long press the text on the branch will pop up the function menu, you can copy, cut, delete, remark, and marking operations. The created map can be exported to various formats such as pictures, PDF, and text outline, and can be shared with friends anytime, anywhere. It also provides a powerful cloud service to back up and synchronize map files to realize file sharing on different devices and ensure that files will not be lost.

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The above is the way to add a mind map to Xiaomi MIUI notes. Maybe you don’t know it very well. You can experience it by yourself after the internal test is over. The operation is really simple and you can see it.

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