Xiaomi MI MIX Folding Screen Phone will be Released Today with Liquid Camera

Xiaomi has always been committed to providing consumers with the ultimate experience of products, in the past two years on the road to high-end has been more and more steady, to show us fully its charm as a domestic brand. Indeed, there is no doubt about Xiaomi’s strength today. The company has made great achievements in the past decade, and Lei Jun will lead the company into the next decade. On March 29, besides the Mi 11 ultra, there will be another heavyweight model, the Mi Mix folding.

If you are familiar with Xiaomi phones, you should know that the Mi MIX series has opened the full screen form of mobile phones. Although it has been suspended for two generations, it is now announced to return with a high profile and will return in the form of folding screen. The outside world is paying high attention to it. As time goes by, the current countdown is 1 day! The Mi Mix folding will officially launch: Liquid Camera + Super Battery, and if that’s the case, it will be worth looking forward to.

From the perspective of the suspected true phone diagram of exposure, mi MIX folding is no longer the traditional direct screen full screen design, it uses folding screen plan looks more assertive, hinge parts grinding was in place, in the case will not exist too strong visual sense of fragmentation, It is worth noting that the back of Mi MIX fold-screen phone is still arranged in matrix style camera, the Logo is located parallel to the left, and the double speakers and solid volume button are retained. Currently, we only see the black version, and we hope that more colors can be selected for users in the future.

As for performance, Xiaom imi MIX folding screen phone based on 5 nm process technology Snapdragon 888 processor is almost certain things, the version with full health LPDDR5 SOC, a new generation of UFS3.1 flash specification form the android flagship three-piece suit, so the daily application frame rate stability and the mainstream games don’t need to worry about, it will bring the better 120 hz refresh rate which is also high to handle. The focus, of course, is the battery life of the foldable Mi Mix, which, in addition to new cooling technology, is said to have a 5,000mAh battery, so it’s a bit safer.

In MI MIX folding screen mobile phone camera, Xiaomi also starts liquid camera technology in the world, that is the legend that huawei will has ‘scary’ camera, its working principle is the flow of liquid through the film package, instead of traditional optical lenses, so as to realize the transformation of focal length and between focal length, we have reason to believe that these two years Xiaomi imaging algorithm under the condition of continued ascension, mi MIX folding screen mobile phones bring more image strength.

In general, this year’s Xiaomi is really trying its best. Xiaomi mi MIX fold should be launched as the last product release conference on March 29. In addition to continuously making hardware, it also needs to improve user experience, and finally lead Xiaomi into more high-end fields. So, if the Mi Mix fold-screen phone costs more than 10,000 yuan, $1538, will you accept it?

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