Xiaomi Mi MIX FOLD Performing Two Functions With one Lens?

Xiaomi Mi MIX FOLD is Xiaomi’s first folding screen mobile phone. It has launched many technologies, including the first mobile phone liquid lens. Xiaomi MIX FOLD is equipped with a 108-megapixel three-camera on the rear. In addition to the main camera, it also includes a liquid lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens. The liquid lens supports 30x telephoto and 3cm macro shooting, and a single lens achieves two functions of telephoto + macro.

Why use a liquid lens? Because the traditional solid lens has a problem that is difficult to solve until now: when the lens module is moved in a group to achieve macro imaging, the amount of stroke movement increases, especially when the telephoto lens requires a large amount of movement for ultra-close-range imaging. In order to ensure the thickness of the whole machine, the current requirements for the size of the solid-state module and the limitation of the motor stroke design are difficult to achieve.

The liquid lens can solve this problem well. According to Xiaomi’s official introduction, the first mobile phone liquid lens of Xiaomi MIX FOLD is based on the principle of bionics. A liquid component lens with fluidity like a human eye lens is added to the traditional solid lens. The light can be continuously changed by squeezing the liquid lens. Focus, so as to achieve continuous focus from long-range to close-range. In addition, the liquid lens also reduces the FOV change from the distant scene to the close scene. There is almost no breathing effect during the zooming process from the distant scene to the general close scene, which is more suitable for video shooting.

Xiaomi officially stated that this is the first time that liquid lens technology has been applied to mobile phone cameras. It is a new breakthrough that Xiaomi MIX FOLD has made in macro shooting, and it also opens up unlimited possibilities for Xiaomi to explore the world.

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