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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Rendering Appeared: Extremely Narrow, Using Under-Screen Camera

For about Xiaomi MIX series, I believe many of my friends will remember that this series once represented the highest technological level of Xiaomi. The first folding screen flagship MIX FOLD released recently also proves that this series of mobile phones is in the Xiaomi product family. Status. However, the big family is still concerned about the Mi MIX digital series that has not been announced for a long time. Today, the long-rumoured rendering of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 may be able to satisfy users who have been concerned about the series.

From the renderings of the Xiaomi Mi MIX4 exposed by netizens, we can see that this phone is a true full screen in the true sense. Not only does it have no openings on the front, but the surrounding borders of this phone are almost “extremely narrow” and ” Equal width”. It can be said that it is the limit of the screen-to-body ratio in the current mobile phone market. The reason for this effect is probably that this Xiaomi MIX4 uses under-screen camera technology.

As early as last year, news leaked that the under-screen camera will become Xiaomi’s main mobile phone technology in the second half of 2021, so it is reasonable for Xiaomi MIX to be the first launch of this technology. In August last year, Xiaomi announced that the third-generation under-screen camera technology has successfully achieved mass production. It uses Xiaomi’s self-developed “carbon pixel distribution”, which distributes the driving circuit in pixel dots to increase the light transmission of the screen. rate. In order to cooperate with such a camera, Xiaomi has also developed a set of special camera optimization algorithms to avoid shooting drawbacks caused by factors such as screen refraction, so that its shooting effect is basically the same as that of a conventional camera.

In addition to the under-screen camera, this Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 may also use the ultra-120W fast charging technology that Xiaomi is developing. In recent years, Xiaomi’s rapid charging technology breakthroughs are obvious to all. If Xiaomi Mi MIX can really be officially launched in the second half of the year, I believe At that time, the overall technological progress of the domestic mobile phone market will be improved in an all-around way.

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