Xiaomi MI MIX 4 New Exposure: Snapdragon 875 SoC, 120W Flash Charge

In recent years, Xiaomi has made great breakthroughs in the mobile phone market at home and abroad. Xiaomi has become a national mobile phone brand, which is very outstanding both in terms of technical indicators and user experience. In the past decade, Lei Jun used the standard of extreme cost performance to position the market, but today’s high market share and good reputation have made today’s Xiaomi!

And the most easily moved mi fans should be Xiaomi mi10 supreme commemorative edition! This is a true flagship with outstanding indicators in all aspects. It can be said that three 120 leading a number of indicators in the industry, the extreme MIUI fluency, super power fast charging indicators, and super zoom experience, really very powerful.

But perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the new phone is its design. Although Xiaomi mi10 Supreme Commemorative edition is outstanding in all aspects, the appearance design is also in line with the aesthetic standards of users, but I have to say that this is a more traditional design concept this year, not to break through the technical indicators for some users is really a pity!

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 can be said to be the highest expectations of many mi fans as a true flagship. Now all the indicators of the new phone have been determined, especially the design. The mi MIX in the early generation is really the most influential in the industry. Subsequently, a large number of flagships have moved to the full screen, and today’s smart phones are becoming more and more beautiful.

There has been a lot of news about Mi MIX 4 in the industry before, and the new phone is basically solid. The camera 2.0 technology under the screen has been determined. The rear shell of the body continues the ceramic standard, bringing better grip, better texture, and super large screen surface rate, which will definitely improve the delicate sense of the new phone.

In addition, its hardware will also be the core selling point of Mi MIX 4. Recently, there is a lot of news in the industry that Xiaomi and Samsung will launch the new generation Snapdragon 875 processor next year. It is known that Xiaomi is qualcomm’s best partner. Not surprisingly, the Mi MIX 4 will become the most eye-catching flagship early next year.

Finally, there is the foreseeable 120W super fast charge, which can directly eliminate wireless charging, so that users say no to the battery troubles. There is also a better display standard, MIUI 12 fluency and practicality will be better, in a word, The waterfall combined with ceramic body, will bring a better user experience!

Are you eager on the Mi MIX 4? It will be released in February next year at the soonest.

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