Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 High-HD Rendering Exposed

Xiaomi mi MIX series, as the leader of all-screen mobile phones, has made a lot of contributions to the era of high screen ratio and established the high-end product image of Xiaomi, but fell completely when the MIX 3 launched.

Therefore, Xiaomi MIX series has stopped for a long time. Since 2018, it has launched a MIX Alpha concept phone with a surround screen. Its price reaches more than 10,000, but it is regrettable that it has not been able to achieve mass production.

However, it has been previously confirmed that Mi Mix 4 will return this year, and will be equipped with the under-screen camera technology to achieve a true full screen, to further explore the shape of the screen.

Recently, a well-known fact blogger @ the universe in weibo I ice exposes mi MIX 4 ultra clear rendering, according to the pictures show, mi MIX 4 is still the continuation of the previous MIX 4 series, but the introduction of today’s flagship phone with curved surface screen solution, and the screen borders around very narrow, under the blessing of curved surface screen, strong positive impact.

In addition, according to sources from the supply chain, the Mi Mix 4 will use a screen panel customized by Huxing Photoelectric, equipped with the latest generation of under-screen cameras to achieve a true full screen, and has a good balance between window screen effect and image quality.

Still, the source says that there’s still no way to balance the high screen quality with the off-screen proactively, so the screen only supports 1080P resolution.

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It’s worth noting that Mi Mix 4 is likely to be powered by the latest Snapdragon 888 Plus processor, which is more powerful than the previous Snapdragon 888 processor, and will be at least one of the first models to be released.

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