Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 Has No Production Plan Now

The Mi MIX series is undoubtedly one of Xiaomi’s most successful product lines, truly creating the full screen era. However, Mi MIX 3 has been released for more than two years, and Mi MIX Alpha has been stuck in the paper. So where is the Mi MIX 4?

According to the latest news from digital blogger @digital Chat, we haven’t heard about mass production of mi MIX 4 yet, so don’t wait for mi MIX 4 for the moment. The main reason is that both mi MIX 2 and Mi MIX 3 were mediocre. The next generation has to be amazing again, so the delay is too long.

As for when we’ll see the Mi MIX 4, we’ll have to wait.
However, in fact, no matter mi fans or general users are not too disappointed, although the mi MIX is temporarily grounded, but no matter the design or technology, xiaomi’s other product lines are carrying forward, such as under the screen camera, more than 200W fast charge, fold in the screen and  other black technology, which have already had the plan of mass production phone.

From the perspective of the layout of Xiaomi phones, the mi MIX series is also in an awkward position now. The digital flagship and the supreme flagship came on stage in the second half of last year, and the high-end market has been well laid out and announced, similar to the S and Note series of Samsung, and the P and Mate series of Huawei.

For the Mi MIX series, the biggest mission is to be amazing, but it is a little difficult to be as amazing, pioneering, and productive as the original. The Mi MIX Alpha is undoubtedly amazing, but it failed to do so on a small scale.

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