Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Confirmed: Under-Screen Camera, Snapdragon 888+

Xiaomi has successfully established a foothold in the field of high-end smartphones in China, and the outstanding performance of the digital series is also very eye-catching, but this may be just the beginning, and the next big move is coming. Yes, Xiaomi is likely to restart the mix series that has been suspended for two years. As a pioneer of “black technology”, it may bring us some new things, and this mysterious product is Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

Before a model called “K8C” officially enters the network, it should be the long-awaited Xiaomi mix4. As this year’s heavyweight flagship, its overall quality is not bad. Coincidentally, according to foreign media reports, Xiaomi’s mix4 will be released in August. The rear four-shot camera is very eye-catching, and the first Snapdragon 888+ will be released soon. If this is the case, it is worth looking forward to.

Judging from the suspected real image, the front of the Mi mix4 is a curved screen with no holes, which may be due to the use of the third-generation under-screen camera. Without bangs and water drops, the visual impact is very shocking. If it can finally support a high refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 480HZ, then its fluency should be a qualitative leap. Of course, considering that there are still some shortcomings in the technology of the under-screen camera at this stage, the screen resolution of the Xiaomi mix4 is only 1080p, which is also one of the most controversial factors.

As for the back, the camera array of Xiaomi mix 4 uses the upper left corner matrix. The upper part is a huge main camera, while the lower part is three sub-cameras and flash. It looks very attractive. As usual, Xiaomi mix4 will also have a ceramic back cover version. This year, in addition to the Harman Kardon stereo dual speakers, IP68 life waterproof and dustproof will also be a good reward.

Performance is an important selling point. It is reported that Xiaomi mix4 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 888+ processor based on 5nm process technology. The system-on-chip can be regarded as an overclocked version of Snapdragon 888, which is mainly an upgraded super core capability. We have reason to believe that after the in-depth cooperation of the miui13 system is formed, Antutu’s running points should be around 900,000, so the game performance will not be too bad. Of course, the heating power consumption of Snapdragon 888+ may be a success or failure. Xiaomi mix4 currently has two options: 4500ma and 120W, 5000mA, and 67W. Graphene-based batteries are also expected to be used in mix4.

As for the camera part, the imaging capability of Xiaomi mix4 cannot be bad. It is understood that in addition to the 50 Megapixels of the main camera of Samsung GN2, the Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra is supplemented by an ultra-wide-angle telephoto lens and a new periscope lens to achieve a digital hybrid zoom of up to 100 times, which sounds very “fierce”. Of course, Xiaomi’s mix4 is mainly driven by the kernel to improve the filming speed. With the blessing of the second-generation self-developed “Night Owl” algorithm, it is likely to become the top flagship of a new generation of photography.

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In summary, it is an exciting thing for the mix series to return to the Xiaomi product camp. If Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 can work hard on the elements that users value, full-stack and polish the materials, and finally ensure good appearance, strong performance, high image, and set a price of no more than 6000 yuan, then everything will be “very stable”.

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