Xiaomi mi Band X with Screen Circling around Your Wrist First Unveiled

Since its debut, Mi Band has been one of the “leader” products in the wearable field. It has achieved remarkable results in past generations. It is also the worthy leader in the global smart bracelet market, with its total shipments ranking first in the world.

In April this year, mi Band 6, the first wristband product with a full screen, was officially launched. The device significantly increased the screen proportion of the previous generation, introduced the concept of a full screen of a smartphone, greatly narrowed the top and bottom black edges of the screen, and expanded the display area, which was well received.

But it’s still hard to get more useful information on such a small screen, so Xiaomi wants to release a device with a larger screen area.

Recently, a photo of what appears to be an internal plan for the Mi Band has popped up on Weibo, in which xiaomi employees are apparently discussing a brand new product called Mi Band X.

According to the PPT interface, Mi Band X, known as the “King of inner rolls”, is equipped with a flexible scroll screen of > 360°, which directly avoids the need for the watch band to directly wrap the screen around the wrist, realizing the 360° screen display, which greatly solved the problem of limited display content on the wristband screen due to the limited volume.

But since the screen is all around it, and it can’t be worn with a band like a traditional wristband, Xiaomi has also found a balance between technology and comfort by specially designed a magnetic clink that can be attached to the bracelet when approached lightly.

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From the perspective of the information of the current exposure, mi band X is undoubtedly a very amazing product, will overturn the whole bracelet product presentation, it may be like MIX phone usher in a new era, it is a pity that the pictures of the equipment has not been exposed, expect the product to meet with you in the near future.

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