Xiaomi Mi 6 Review Video

Xiaomi has finally released their latest flagship, the Xiaomi Mi6 which is a great competitor to the powerful but also very expensive Samsung Galaxy S8. For half of the price there must be any shortcoming right ? Checkout our full video review on YouTube to find out if it’s a worthy competitor or not:

The Xiaomi Mi6 is again an insanely good value when compared to other products out on the market. It got a Snapdragon 835 processor, with 6GB of RAM, a “waterproof” unibody build, and a dual-camera set-up like on the iPhone 7 Plus, all for a price of around 450$. Remember the price will drop after the first hype!

To summarize my first thoughts, the Mi 6 has great performance, looks impressive, comes with a nice and bright display and has good stereo speakers. But also there are some huge shortcomings. The microphone quality is very bad and also the new processor causes a couple of bugs in MIUI. Right now the phone freezes also from time to time and also they removed the EDL mode and locked the bootloader for “safety” reasons. I really hope that Xiaomi will now move fast and update the software and get it working as soon as possible. Also this phone does not support LTE band B20, so if you rely on that frequency band, then better wait for the Oneplus 5 😉

You can get the Xiaomi Mi6 from here : https://goo.gl/JjtAi4 (CECT-SHOP)