Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra is Coming in February

Igeekphone news on February 12, today is the third day of the New Year, Lu Weibing, who has just been promoted to the general manager of Xiaomi, sent a message early in the morning, saying that he is entangled in which day to begin preparing Xiaomi 14 Ultra conference.

From this point of view, the Mi 14 Ultra conference should be announced soon after the year, and it is expected to debut within February.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi officially announced the Xiaomi 14 series conference on February 25 overseas, and the super cup Xiaomi 14 Ultra is very likely to debut, and the domestic may also be a step ahead of schedule.

Xiaomi overseas official website has been “Mi 14 series” the outline of the new machine, because Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro has been released, so this hidden mystery of the new machine is very likely to be Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

The new model will have a right-angled bezel scheme similar to that of the Mi 14 Pro, and the large stepped structure on the back of the previous model has also been eliminated.

According to the news, in addition to the image upgrade, Xiaomi 14 Ultra also landed the latest self-research achievements in communication, materials, batteries and other aspects, at the same time, satellite communication also has new functions.

This will also lead to a rise in the cost of Xiaomi 14 Ultra, it is reported that the cost of light BOM (material) has increased by more than 700 yuan, and the final price is bound to increase again.

For reference, the Mi 13 Ultra 12GB+256GB entry version is priced at 5,999 yuan, and the Mi 14 Ultra starting price will exceed 6,000 yuan.

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