Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro Renderings Released, Show Off Sleek Design

On June 17, Fast Technology reported that the Mi 13 series had been released for sale, generating excitement among tech enthusiasts. However, Xiaomi’s focus has quickly shifted to the research and development of its next flagship series, the Xiaomi Mi 14. In fact, the company has already made significant progress in finalizing the design and features of the Mi 14 series. Overseas whistleblower SPinfoJP has recently leaked the appearance rendering of the Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro, offering a glimpse into its back design. It’s worth noting that this whistleblower had previously released the rendering of the Mi 13 Ultra in advance, with an accuracy rate as high as 90%. Although there were some minor differences in the details, overall credibility remains quite high. According to the leaked image, the Mi 14 Pro largely maintains the design aesthetics of its predecessor, the Mi 13 Pro. The device features a square camera module equipped with three cameras, with a periscope telephoto lens located at the bottom. Notably, this marks the first time in Xiaomi’s digital series that two generations of models have seen minimal changes in appearance, emphasizing the company’s commitment to design continuity and brand recognition.

However, the front of the Mi 14 Pro will undergo significant changes. Xiaomi has opted for a four-curved screen with narrow sides and slightly curved edges, creating an immersive viewing experience. It’s important to highlight that the curvature of the four sides is very subtle, with only the black side area exhibiting a more pronounced 2.5D effect. This design choice aims to enhance the display quality without compromising usability.

Regarding its internal specifications, the Mi 14 Pro will naturally be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen3, a cutting-edge processor developed by Qualcomm. The chip’s official release is scheduled for October, aligning with Xiaomi’s intention to equip their flagship device with the latest and most advanced hardware.

Drawing from previous years’ product launches, it is highly likely that the Mi 14 series will continue its tradition of global premieres and make its official debut in November. Xiaomi enthusiasts and smartphone users worldwide eagerly await the arrival of the Mi 14 series, anticipating groundbreaking features, exceptional performance, and a continuation of Xiaomi’s commitment to innovation.

In conclusion, the leaked information regarding the Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro design and specifications has generated significant anticipation among tech enthusiasts. Xiaomi’s dedication to maintaining a recognizable design while incorporating improvements and cutting-edge technology showcases their commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences. With the release of the Mi 13 series paving the way, all eyes are now on Xiaomi as they prepare for the highly anticipated launch of the Mi 14 series in the coming months.

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