Xiaomi MI 12 Ultra Renderings Show Four Camera

The Mi 11 Ultra was released to impress many Mi fans, because the Mi 11 Ultra is not only a big improvement in photography, such as the 1/1.12 inch large sensor. The changes to the Mi 11 Ultra are also noticeable on the outside, with the addition of an extra display screen on the back. So what will the Xiaomi mi 12 Ultra look like? Let’s take a look at a set of rendering images for the Mi 12 Ultra. There are no major changes but many details have been improved.

The design of the Mi 12 Ultra on the front of the screen and the back of the phone has not been significantly changed. The original design has been retained, but some upgrades have been made. For example, Xiaomi mi 12 Ultra in the illustration is pure white and made of ceramic material, but it won’t be cheap either. The ceramic material does not affect wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, and the material is more rare.

The Mi 12 Ultra still has a hyperboloid screen design, but it has two front-facing cameras in the top left corner of the screen that are individually perforated. It features a double-hole screen design, first seen on the Mi 12 Ultra, and has two very small lenses, one for standard and the other for wide angle, which allows you to capture a wider area and content when taking selfies.

The Mi 12 Ultra has a 4K screen resolution and a refresh rate that can be adjusted in a variety of Settings, from the lowest 60 Hz to the highest 144 Hz. Depending on whether the current display is a game or a video, text or a picture, the Mi 12 Ultra’s screen can automatically recognize and adjust its refresh rate. The Mi 12 Ultra’s under-screen fingerprint recognition module will still support heart rate detection, as well as blood oxygen concentration detection.

The Mi 12 Ultra’s rear camera will contain four lenses, with a second screen on the right side of the lens module, but with a larger, 2.2-inch, touch-enabled AMOLED screen. The camera system for the Mi 12 Ultra has a 108 megapixel lens as its main camera, followed by a 5 megapixel macro lens, 48 megapixel ultra-wide angle lens and 12 megapixel telephoto lens. The sensor size of the Mi 12 Ultra will be further increased to 1/1.05 inch for better photos.

The Mi 12 Ultra has a battery capacity of 6,250 mAh and supports 120W wired quick charge, 60W wireless quick charge and 40W reverse wireless charge. Inside the body is equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the maximum storage supports 1TB, Harman Caton sound is still supported, NFC and infrared and other functions will be equipped, the same will not be less. The strong hardware parameters, coupled with the optimization of the MIUI software, making the overall performance of the Mi 12Ultra to a new level.

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With the Mi 11 Ultra starting at 5999 RMB, the hardware and software of the Mi 12 Ultra have been greatly improved, from the number of cameras for photography, to the upgraded battery life and fast charge, and the better screen display, you would expect the Mi 12 Ultra to remain the same price. Or will the price be appropriately raised?

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