Xiaomi MI 12 Ultra New Renderings Leaked with 2.5 inch Second Screen

With the release of the Mi 11 Ultra, all Mi fans will feel the big change in the Mi phone.

The Mi 11 Ultra has been called the Light of Android, and it’s also been described as an impact on a new species. It’s a big change in the design of Xiaomi phones, especially since the original Mi phones were designed to be extremely cost-effective, but now Mi phones are leading the development and manufacturing of Android phones.

A netizen made a set of renderings of Xiaomi’s next top flagship phone, the Mi 12 Ultra, and asked me to share them with you. So here I will interpret the renderings of the Mi 12 Ultra.

The design of Mi 12 Ultra also follows the design philosophy of the previous generation Mi 11 Ultra, and many design elements have been upgraded. The Mi 12 Ultra still has a hypercurved screen design, but the 4K resolution is more aggressive than the Mi 11 Ultra. In terms of screen refresh rate, the Mi 12 Ultra uses a 144 Hz refresh, an upgrade over the original 120 Hz refresh technology.

Of course, the front-facing camera is still in the top left corner of the screen. Again, the single-hole design, the front-facing camera is 32 megapixels.

Of course, the sound quality of the Harman Caton will continue to be retained on the Mi 12 Ultra, and the screen will still display 1.07 billion colors. For now, the screen size of the Mi 12 Ultra is limited, and the hardware parameters have reached a bottleneck, which makes it impossible to continue with a larger, breakthrough development.

Therefore, the screen configuration of the Mi 12 Ultra will be the top configuration, and the display effect is still very good. Of course, the fingerprint recognition under the screen supports the detection of blood oxygen saturation and blood sugar, which is very powerful.

The Mi 12 Ultra continues to have a display on the back of the phone, but this display is larger and has a 4K resolution. Compared to the previous generation of the Mi 11 Ultra, the Mi 12 Ultra’s screen size takes up a larger area, and the area taken up by the corresponding lens size is compressed.

The secondary screen is larger, more visually appealing, and more accessible to touch. In fact, I prefer this design with a larger screen area, because the visual effect is better.

The Mi 12 Ultra has four rear lenses, this time two large and one small. The main lens is a 192-megapixel lens with a 1-inch sensor, and the telephoto lens is a 2-megapixel lens with 30x optical zoom and 200x hybrid zoom. There are also two smaller lenses, a 16-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens and a depth-of-field lens.

The Mi 12 Ultra has a great camera capability and will be the light of the next generation of Android.

The Mi 12 Ultra is powered by a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ processor, which uses a second-generation 5nm process. The processor has more transistors in the same area, so it can consume less power while increasing performance. Thanks to the graphene battery technology, the battery capacity of the Mi 12 Ultra is upgraded to 6,000mA, and the charging speed will also be improved to 120W, 100W wireless fast charging, and 67W reverse wireless charging. In terms of storage, the Mi 12 Ultra will be upgraded to Android’s best, with 12 gigabytes of RAM and 1 terabyte of storage

With a full upgrade to the Mi 12 Ultra, the price is expected to go up as well. The entry-level Mi 11 Ultra is priced at 5,999 yuan, so the Mi 12 Ultra should be priced at no less than that, and based on this configuration, the entry level Mi 12 Ultra should be priced at no less than 6,999 yuan.

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Do you think you can accept the Mi 12 Ultra if it goes on sale for 6999 RMB?

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