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Xiaomi Mi 12 Series officially Appeared: 2K Screen, 120Hz Display

The Xiaomi Mi 11 series achieved outstanding results and sales achieved a leap, and the Xiaomi Mi 11 series was able to sell so well, except for the price reduction promotion policy. , Also has a lot to do with the product itself.

As the flagship model of the year, the Xiaomi Mi 11 series is at the top level in all aspects. Taking the best-selling model Mi 11 Pro as an example, this mobile phone is a well-deserved Android phone king.

As an upgraded version of Mi 11, Mi 11 Pro continues all core hardware, including Snapdragon 888 processor, E4 material AMOLED screen, Harman Kardon dual speakers, etc., while also making a huge upgrade.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro has been upgraded on the camera, the first Samsung GN2 ultra-large bottom sensor, with a 1/1.12 inch ultra-large bottom area, the size can be comparable to the Sony dark horse, in addition, the machine also added a 50x periscope telephoto lens, improving the picture How to play.

In terms of battery life, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro has been upgraded to a 5000mAh high-density battery, supporting wired and wireless dual 67W fast charging, which can be fully charged in 36 minutes, and the addition of solid-liquid-gas three-dimensional heat dissipation also further guarantees the stability of the phone.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro also added IP68 waterproof level for the first time. This is also Xiaomi’s first model to support IP68, which can ensure the reliability of mobile phone use and reduce the risk of damage after falling into the water.

The various configurations of the Mi 11 Pro have reached the top level in 2021. Because this product is so powerful, everyone is increasingly looking forward to the performance of the next generation of products.

Many details of the next-generation flagship Xiaomi Mi 12 series have been exposed on the Internet. From the information revealed, the next-generation products will continue the high-quality screens of the Xiaomi 11 series and will be further upgraded.

Specifically, the Mi 12 series of screens will be upgraded to LTPO technology, which is a new OLED screen production technology. Compared with the previous LTPS technology, it has the advantages of higher charge mobility and faster pixel response.

Thanks to this excellent feature of LTPO, the screen’s response speed can be faster, and the power consumption will be reduced. More importantly, the technology supports a high-range refresh rate adjustment, which can achieve 1-120Hz self-control. Adapt to the refresh rate adjustment function.

That is to say, when users are in different usage scenarios, the refresh rate of the screen can be switched by themselves, taking into account the requirements of high refresh rate and low power consumption.

And this technology is also a major trend in the future because it has been basically determined that Apple will equip the iPhone 13 Pro series released this year with an LTPO screen to achieve a higher refresh rate.

In other words, the Mi 12 series will use the same screen technology as the iPhone 13 Pro series to achieve top-level display effects. In addition to the screen, the Mi 12 series is also expected to refresh the new height of fast charging technology again.

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Previously, Xiaomi has demonstrated 200W wired fast charging and 120W wireless fast charging, which can be fully charged in 8 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively, breaking two charging records. I wonder if the Mi 12 series will be the first to launch this technology? Let’s wait and see!

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