Xiaomi MI 12 Infomration Leaked, equipped with LTPO Adaptive High Refresh

In March of this year, Xiaomi held an unprecedented press conference, in the first half of the official launch of the Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro top flagship models, and received very good reviews in the market.

The success of the Mi 11 Ultra means that Xiaomi is officially firmly in the high-end camp, which raises expectations for the next generation of the Mi 12 series.

While the Mi 12 is still at least half a year away, manufacturers typically take up to a year to develop the device, meaning a prototype could be ready by now.

According to the blogger, the Mi 12 series will continue the high quality screen specs of the current Mi 11, and will take it a step further by upgrading to LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen.

According to the data, LTPO is a different OLED production technology, which has the advantages of higher charge mobility and faster pixel response compared to the previous LTPS technology, resulting in faster screen response time and lower power consumption.

Another big advantage of LTPO screen is that it supports a high range of refresh rate adjustment, which can realize the adaptive refresh rate adjustment function of 1-120Hz, and can be switched according to the use scene, taking into account the needs of high refresh rate and low power consumption.

Interestingly, Apple will also include LTPO screens in this year’s iPhone 13 Pro series to achieve high refresh rates.

In addition to the top screen, Xiaomi also announced the Mi 11 Pro fast charge, which supports 200 watts of wired and 120 watts of wireless fast charge. It can achieve 8 minutes and 15 minutes full charge respectively, which is claimed to break two mobile phone charging records.

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The news that the Mi 12 will be the first mass-produced version of the technology will break the record for fast charging in the mobile phone market, which is worth waiting for.

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