Xiaomi Mi 12 Concept Phone Design, Specs, etc

Not long ago, Lei Jun is in the press conference to launch a new generation of Xiaomi digital flagship phone, Xiaomi mi 11. The 2K screen and 120Hz refresh rate are the phone’s biggest selling points, but the camera and water resistance are not to be ignored. So is there room to improve Xiaomi’s flagship phone in the future?

Foreign media recently released such a Mi 12 concept phone, from the screen design to the lens specifications are fully upgraded, almost no slots left. The screen is still the most eye-catching design, the non-perforated face screen is stunning, and this design is way ahead of the Huawei Mate40Pro from any point of view.

Remember the screen on the Mi 11? Lei said at the time that it was probably the most expensive mobile phone screen, both in design and specifications, are beyond the standard of the ordinary flagship. The Mi 12 concept has been fully updated again, raising the screen refresh rate to 144Hz, which makes the animation on the screen much smoother than on the Mi 11. The resolution will still be 2K, but the touch rate will be 600Hz, the peak brightness will be 2,000 nits, the pixel density will be 889ppi, and the screen size will be 6.81 inches. Such a screen specifications has beaten HUAWEI MATE 40 PRO.

The screen ratio of the Mi 12 is also a highlight. Instead of a perforated lens on the forehead, the front lens is hidden under the screen. In this way, the screen occupies less space, so that the screen can show the true full screen design effect as much as possible. As can be seen from the concept picture, the MI 12 screen ratio is close to 100%, and almost no black edges can be seen. The Mi 12 will also come with a stylus, making it more than just a feature phone. It will be upgraded to a business phone, which is bold enough.

Using Samsung sensors, the Mi 12 has a 70% increase in aperture area. The back of the fuselage adopts the most popular rectangular bath bully frame. The main pixel is increased to 150 million, and the pixel fusion technology is increased to 16 in 1. The scene shot by the large base lens will be more delicate and retain more rich details. The telephoto lens supports up to 120x digital zoom and 10x lossless optical zoom. Extra wide-angle lenses allow for macro shooting, and 9P free lenses also help with image distortion.

In terms of hardware, the Mi 12 will be equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Although it is still based on the 5 nanometer process technology, the number of transistors will reach 16 billion, and the AI computing performance will also increase to 38 trillion times, so the AI performance of this Mi 12 will be more powerful. When it comes to taking pictures, it will be able to recognize more scenes, and it will be more intelligent with human voice conversations. Due to the 144Hz refresh rate and the power consumption of the 2K screen, the charger will support a 120W quick charge, while wireless charging will also reach 80W. In addition, the Mi 12 also supports IP68 dust-proof and water-proof level, which adopts all the standard features of the flagship phone.

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From the screen to the lens, this MIUI 12 adopts material piling, which is the best combination of parts and components today. It is more powerful than HUAWEI MATE40PRO in all aspects. If the Mi 12 is really released, do you think it will be more fragrant than the Mi 11?

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