Xiaomi Mi 11 VS iPhone 12 Mini Performance Comparison: Which one is Worth Buying?

The performance comparison between mobile phones is what everyone likes to see, especially the performance comparison between the current popular flagship models. Last time some netizens expressed their desire to see the performance comparison between iPhone 12mini and Xiaomi 11, this time I am satisfied with you. iPhone12mini is the entry-level phone with the lowest configuration in the iPhone12 series. Mi 11 is not an entry-level, because there is also Mi 11 Youth Edition. iPhone12mini is equipped with an Apple A14 Bionic processor, and Xiaomi 11 is equipped with a Snapdragon 888 processor, both of which are 5nm process chips. So what is the performance gap between iPhone 12 mini vs Xiaomi Mi 11? Let’s take a look at the testing process.

The first round of testing is the boot speed test between iPhone12mini and Xiaomi 11.

The test results of this link are relatively simple and clear. The boot speed of the iPhone 12 mini is faster than that of the Xiaomi Mi 11. The MIUI of Xiaomi Mi 11 is not easy to use, and it does not exceed iOS. So here I can’t help but think of a famous saying, Xiaogui Xiao fighter!

Therefore, in the first round of testing, the iPhone 12 mini defeated Xiaomi Mi 11.

In the second round of testing, the performance between the iPhone 12 mini and Xiaomi Mi 11 can be regarded as remarkable.

However, in terms of the opening speed of the “YouTube” software, iPhone12mini is still faster than Xiaomi 11, and is the first to complete the software opening process.

Xiaomi Mi 11 performed well in the speed of opening the “Google Chrome” software, “Internet Speed ​​Test” software, “Temple Escape” games, “Racing” games, “Peace Elite” games, and “Dragon Valley” games. Better than iPhone12mini.

In the second round of testing, iPhone 12mini has 1 software leading, Xiaomi 11 has 6 software opening speeds leading, and Xiaomi 11 won in the second round.

iPhone12mini and Xiaomi Mi11 conducted a total of two rounds of performance testing. The first round of testing was the boot speed test between iPhone12mini and Xiaomi 11, and iPhone12mini won.

The second round is the software opening speed test between iPhone12mini and Mi 11. There is 1 software for iPhone 12mini that opens the fastest, and Mi 11 has 6 software that opens the fastest. Among them, the iPhone 12mini and Mi 11 have the same opening speed. There are two.

If the results of the first and second rounds are comprehensively compared, the iPhone 12mini has two test scores, so 2 points are scored, and Xiaomi Mi11 has 6 software leads, so 6 points are scored. The final result was that Xiaomi 11 defeated the iPhone 12mini by 2 points by 6 points, and won the championship in this performance test.

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Why is the iPhone 12 mini not as good as Xiaomi Mi 11 in software opening speed? Can you tell the reason?

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