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Xiaomi Mi 11 Series and Mi MIX FOLD: All the Great Contributions of BYD

At the spring new product launch conference that ended a few days ago, all mobile phones such as Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi MIX FOLD and Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite were released, which attracted attention.

According to BYD Electronics’ confirmation, the middle frames of the four mobile phones are all supplied by the company’s main force. Prior to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Standard Edition, BYD was also the main supplier of mid-frames. In other words, for all the Mi 11 mid-frames, BYD has a considerable share.

Not only that, BYD Electronics is also the main supplier of the backplanes of Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra. It also provides assembly services for the back cover of more than 20 materials for Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra, which meets the high-standard airtightness requirements of IP68.

According to BYD, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro uses a glass back shell, and Dream Black is made with a ceramic-like process, and the brightness is enhanced, which greatly improves the texture of the back cover; the bright effect created by the innovative coating technology of Songfeng Green makes the vision more crystal clear. The colour matching fully demonstrates the technological advantages of BYD Electronics.

As for the Mi 11 Ultra, it is a ceramic back case. BYD Electronics has mastered the full process technology including powder milling and increased the yield to the top level in the industry during the ramp-up period of mass production.

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In addition, the ultra-large camera hole design of the Mi 11 Ultra makes the traditional curved surface polishing equipment unusable. BYD Electronics has been verified by dozens of equipment and consumables, and finally adopted a new processing method, which not only achieves the exquisite appearance requirements of the high-end flagship machine but also At the same time, it is the first time to introduce a six-axis machine into a mass production project. One device can achieve a production capacity of 1 out of 6, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces equipment costs.

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