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Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro VS Mi 11 Ultra Quick Comparison: Find The Difference

Xiaomi released two top flagship phones at once, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which made many Mi Fans have a hard time: Which of these two phones is more fragrant? The following author does not say that it is not black, and rationally compares the differences in the experience of the two phones. Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra, one starts at 4,999 and the other starts at 5,999, with a price difference of 1,000 yuan. Does that mean Ultra is more high-end? The author does not think so, because the positioning of the two is different. Pro is positioned as a “bucket flagship”, which means it is a flagship in all aspects and has no shortcomings, while Ultra is positioned as an “imaging flagship”, for flagship performance, you can give up some experience, not necessarily need a “bucket”.

Both are 5000mAh batteries. The Mi 11 Ultra uses a ceramic body, while the Pro version is made of glass. The ceramic texture is better, harder, and can be made thinner, but also heavier. So reflected in the product, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is thinner but heavier. However, the ceramic texture is really warm and moist, and the huge camera module is highly recognizable. When the phone is placed horizontally, there is a smell of the card machine.

However, the weight of the Mi 11 Ultra has reached 234 grams, and the camera module has changed the center ratio. One-handed grip does feel top-heavy. In contrast, the 208-gram Mi 11 Pro has a more balanced performance.

The screens of Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra are exactly the same in terms of parameters and look and feel. The 6.81-inch 2K E4 quad-curved screen supports a 120Hz refresh rate, has extremely high peak brightness and excitation brightness, and accurate color display. It also supports HDR10+ color display and the seventh-generation Gorilla Glass. The two are exactly the same.

Performance & Features

Performance is not a cliche, the Snapdragon 888 three-piece suit. In addition, the charging aspect is a highlight. In the case of a large 5000mAh battery, the two can be fully charged in 36 minutes with a wired 67W, while the wireless charging can be fully charged in 39 minutes.

Both are GN2 outsole main cameras, but Ultra wide-angle and telephoto both use IMX586, while Xiaomi 11 Pro uses 1300W telephoto and 800W telephoto. In addition, Mi 11 Ultra comes with a secondary screen, which can realize functions such as message reminders and secondary screen selfies.

The difference between Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is mainly in appearance, feel and photo. With a price difference of 1,000 yuan, if you can accept its appearance and feel, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is obviously worth buying.

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