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Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro vs Mi 11: A Bit Price More For 7 Upgrades

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro continues the design style of Mi 11. The lens module part is a big circle, and the silver metal frame on the outer ring of the module looks more three-dimensional and very textured. In addition, the external bar flash of the Pro version looks very good. coordination.


The 2K quad-screen used in both the Xiaomi Mi 11 Standard Edition and the Pro version. On the basis of Xiaomi Mi 11, the Pro version has an upgraded 360° sensitivity, and the sensor sensitivity is increased by 270%. In addition, the Pro version has passed the Dolby Vision certification. Watching HDR videos is very friendly.

Heat dissipation

The performance of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Standard Edition and the Pro version are exactly the same. They are both a combination of Snapdragon 888+full blood LPDDR5+UFS3.1. The Pro version has an upgraded heat dissipation system. The actual effect is the highest image quality of 60 frames, and the temperature is controlled at 50°C. within!


In contrast, the biggest change is the camera. The main camera is upgraded to a 50 million Samsung GN2 (8P lens, supporting OIS optical image stabilization), with large pixels at the bottom of its own, coupled with night owl algorithm, multi-sampling, eight-core focusing, etc. Technology and night scenes are a highlight, and they perform very well. In addition, the macro telephoto is upgraded to an 8 million periscope lens, which supports up to 50x zoom. The super wide-angle has not changed.


The 55W wired +50W wireless charging combination of Mi 11 is upgraded to 67W wired and wireless on Mi 11 Pro. The full charge time is 36 minutes. In addition, the silicon oxide negative battery used on the Pro version increases the battery capacity to 5000 mAh. It’s just the same as the Xiaomi 11 plain leather version!


The dual speakers are still tuned by Harman Kardon, the Pro version has upgraded the speaker size, and a 1014 super linear earpiece two-in-one speaker is customized on the top. In particular, this time through the metal full-filling process, the back cover vibration problem has been solved. !

IP68 dustproof and waterproof

Both Xiaomi 11Pro and Ultra support IP68 dustproof and waterproof, and added a pressure relief valve. At the press conference, they successfully challenged 42M diving, but it is still necessary to mention that IP68 waterproof phones are not covered by water!

In summary, the difference between Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 is 1,000 yuan, and this 1,000 yuan is exchanged for these 7 upgrades. In my opinion, each item has risen to a key point, especially the upgrade of heat dissipation, camera, and dual speakers. The improvement is very obvious!

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