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Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro VS Meizu 18 Pro Overview Comparison: Both are the Best

Xiaomi has obviously stopped using Meizu as its opponent. However, these two phones are very similar in terms of price, configuration, and positioning. It is still necessary to compare them. The parameter map is at the end, please take a screenshot and save it.  Needless to say, Qualcomm 888 three-piece suit.


The size, resolution, refresh rate, and luminescent materials are basically the same. 11pro has advantages in peak brightness, touch sampling rate, and color depth. Both support DC dimming and dynamic frame insertion technology.


Meizu 18pro is slightly better in front pixels, rear wide-angle macro, TOF depth, and optical image stabilization, Xiaomi 11pro has certain advantages in main camera CMOS size and telephoto. Both are good. As for which is better, look at your own impressions.

Charging endurance

Xiaomi Mi 11Pro seems to have a lot of advantages in wired and wireless fast charging and battery capacity, but referring to the performance of Meizu’s previous 17pro, it is not impossible to work hard to optimize the 4500 battery life than 5000.


11pro has more infrared, 18pro has ultrasonic fingerprint and three zero systems, both of which are IP68 dustproof and waterproof, Xiaomi certified, Meizu not certified. Anyway, whether it is certified or not, it will not be guaranteed.

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Sum up

Overall, Xiaomi Mi 11 pro has certain advantages in battery life, charging, and taking pictures. After all, GN2 is larger than GN1, and the bottom level is higher than that of GN1. Of course, it depends on the adjustment. I think many people’s evaluations are: inability to make complaints

Of course, society is improving, and everyone’s training ability must also be improving. You can look forward to it. The 18Pro ultrasonic fingerprint and Android dominate the x-axis motor is able to enhance the user experience, both because the frequency of use is indeed too high

The experience of ultrasonic fingerprints can be said to be close to the previous button fingerprints, and other under-screen fingerprints are incomparable. The X-axis motor leader of the Android camp gave Meizu, I believe everyone should have no objections.

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