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Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro VS Find X3 Pro Review: Which one is Better Choice?

In the High-eng flagship market, the competitiveness of Apple and Samsung has been weakened a lot by domestic flagships, such as OPPO Find X3 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Pro, both of which are quite good choices at the current 5K price point. So if you choose from these two domestic flagships, which one is OPPO Find X3 Pro or Xiaomi mi11 Pro a better choice? In response to this problem, we might as well conduct a comprehensive comparison from multiple dimensions.

From the perspective of appearance design, OPPO Find X3 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Pro both have their own design language. The main highlight of OPPO Find X3 Pro is the industrial design of the whole machine. The camera module on the back of the crater is still in the current market. With ultra-high recognition, coupled with a highly integrated body, both the hand feel and the texture have a pretty good performance. The overall appearance of Mi 11 Pro is not much different from Mi 11, and the design of the whole machine remains at an average level.

In terms of bodyweight and thickness, OPPO Find X3 Pro weighs 193g, Xiaomi 11 Pro is 208g, and thickness is 8.26mm for OPPO Find X3 Pro and 8.53mm for Xiaomi 11 Pro. Therefore, OPPO Find X3 Pro will have better light and thin feeling after the actual hand, and the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will be slightly bulkier. Of course, the aesthetics of appearance vary from person to person, and everyone decides it entirely according to their own preferences.

As the two models of domestic high-end flagships, OPPO Find X3 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Pro have indeed made great efforts in the screen, all support 10bit color depth display, the resolution is QHD+ level, DisplayMate A+ level certification is also included, All parameters are also industry-leading standards, which is worthy of recognition. However, there are certain differences between the two phones in terms of screen technology applications.

OPPO Find X3 Pro uses the LTPO material that is regarded as the next-generation screen technology. Its advantage is that it can achieve intelligent switching from 1Hz to 120Hz, ensuring the smoothness of the display and reducing the power consumption of the screen. The Mi 11 Pro is a traditional 120Hz screen. Although it has the fluency of a high refresh rate, the impact of the high power consumption brought by the full 120Hz on battery life cannot be ignored.

In terms of the imaging systems, OPPO Find X3 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro both show the strength of domestic flagships in imaging development. The biggest advantage of Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is that the main camera uses a GN2 outsole sensor, and night scene shooting will be even better, and OPPO The advantage of Find X3 Pro is the ultra-wide-angle. Two IMX766 outsole wide-angle sensors, with free-form surface lens, can take ultra-wide-angle photos with more screen tension. Both can be said to have their own advantages.

In terms of multi-scene shooting, the support provided by other lenses of the Mi 11 Pro may be very limited. In most shooting scenes, the 13MP wide-angle and 8MP telephoto have relatively ordinary playability. On OPPO Find X3 Pro, a 60x microscope lens was launched for the first time, and the real shot effect of 60x magnification is comparable to that of a microscope, which greatly strengthens the macro shooting ability and adds a lot of photo fun, which is not available in other mobile phones. of.

In terms of performance, since both phones are positioned in the high-end market, OPPO Find X3 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Pro both include the top configurations of the current high-end market, such as the Snapdragon 888 processor, UFS 3.1 storage, and LPDDR5. So in actual performance, both sides have pulled the performance to the fullest.

Finally, in terms of battery life, both OPPO Find X3 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Pro use high-capacity batteries, the former is 4500mAh, and the latter is 5000mAh. Although there is a battery gap of 500mAh, according to WHYLAB data, under the same test environment, the remaining power of Xiaomi 11 Pro is only 3% higher than that of OPPO Find X3 Pro. This gap is almost negligible in daily use. In terms of fast charging, Mi 11 Pro supports 67W wired fast charging, and OPPO Find X3 Pro supports 65W super flash charging. The actual fast charging performance is also inseparable.

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Through actual comparison, it is not difficult to find that in many places, OPPO Find X3 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro have shown the standard of high-end flagship phones, and various product strengths have no obvious shortcomings. However, if you pay more attention to the screen and texture, then personally feel that OPPO Find X3 Pro will be more suitable, if you pay attention to the hardware configuration, then Xiaomi 11 Pro is also a good choice. And if you don’t have special requirements, then at the price of 5K, both models are both options that you can enter with your eyes closed.

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