Xiaomi Mi 11 Confirmed Specs: WiFi 6 Enhanced Version, Launching on 28 Dec

Xiaomi has officially announced that Xiaomi’s new high-end work, Xiaomi Mi 11, will be officially released on December 28. The Xiaomi Mi11 mobile phone has been launched on JD.com, and an appointment has been opened. The price will be announced on December 28.

Xiaomi mobile phone said that Xiaomi Mi11, a new high-end work, will be officially released on December 28. Ten years are about to pass, and a new decade is about to begin. 2021 Pack light! Xiaomi mobile phone officially announced today, the world premiere! Xiaomi Mi 11 is the first to carry Snapdragon 888.

This afternoon, Xiaomi officially revealed that in less than a year, WiFi 6 will be replaced again! It will be launched by Xiaomi Mi 11. This time the enhanced version is not a little bit enhanced: the bandwidth is twice as high as the previous generation, reaching 160MHz bandwidth, the transmission information density is increased by 20%, and the final network speed is 2.1 times faster, up to 3.5Gbps. Supports 4K QAM encoding for the first time.

Of course, only Xiaomi Mi 11 supporting WiFi 6 enhanced version is not enough, it also needs the best partner: a new router that supports WiFi 6 enhanced version. Just like the Xiaomi Mi 10 conference that supports WiFi 6, the Xiaomi router AX3600 was released at the same time, and a new router will be released at the December 28 conference. It will be the first high-end router that can drain the WiFi performance of Xiaomi Mi11. Supports 4096 QAM and 160MHz bandwidth.

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Xiaomi routers said that not only WiFi 6 is enhanced, but also new high-end routers from Xiaomi. The first high-end router with a new generation of WiFi 6 enhanced version, with Xiaomi Mi 11, how fast is it? Xiaomi Mi11 new product launch conference on December 28, announced together!

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