Xiaomi Mi 11 Concept: Snapdragon 875, Under-Screen Camera is Expected Debut

Recently, some bloggers have exposed some information about the next-generation Mi Digital series flagship model, which is Xiaomi Mi 11.

According to the past practice of Xiaomi releasing new phones, this Xiaomi Mi 11 should be available in the first quarter of next year. According to the well-known digital blogger’s digital chat station, Xiaomi Mi 11 will be upgraded in terms of hardware, and the domestic first Snapdragon 875 processor, the blogger also said that Xiaomi Mi 11 has an exclusive period.

The Snapdragon 875 is a chip made by the 5nm process. According to the data revealed by the foreign media on the Snapdragon 875, the chip will adopt a 1+3+4 eight-core design, and the CPU and GPU performance will be greatly improved. The specific data of the promotion is not yet known, but the chip’s running score is between 750,000 and 780,000 points. Compared with the previous generation of Snapdragon 865 processor, Snapdragon 875 will surpass Kirin 9000 and A14 at least in terms of running points.

It is worth mentioning that the Snapdragon 875 processor will not integrate 5G baseband like Huawei and MediaTek. It will still realize a dual-mode 5G network through the external X60 baseband. As a result, the power consumption of Xiaomi Mi 11 equipped with the Snapdragon 875 chip will be Higher, but the performance is more powerful.

In addition, Xiaomi 11 will have an exclusive period for the Snapdragon 875 processor, which means that after Xiaomi 11 is released, other domestic mobile phone manufacturers will not be able to use the processor during the Xiaomi 11 exclusive period. This is very helpful for Xiaomi to seize the 5G market.

According to the Xiaomi 11 renderings exposed by related bloggers, the under-screen camera is expected to appear. Previously, when ZTE launched the world’s first under-screen camera phone, Xiaomi also introduced the third-generation under-screen camera technology. Through self-developed and improved technology, the problem of screen shadows has been completely solved, and the under-screen camera area can also achieve full resolution. The display effect.

Not only that, but Xiaomi officials also stated that the off-screen lens technology will be officially commercialized next year, and Xiaomi Mi11 will be released next year. The release time of the two coincides. Therefore, the probability of Xiaomi 11 adopting off-screen lens technology is very high.

As for the screen parameters, there is no clear news about Xiaomi Mi11, but as a member of Xiaomi’s digital flagship, the screen display of Xiaomi Mi 11 will naturally not be too bad. There is definitely not much controversy about supporting the high refresh rate of 120Hz. The screen with 2K resolution is still unknown.

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If Xiaomi Mi 11 will also be equipped with a series of black technologies such as 120W super-fast charging and 80W wireless fast charging, then once the machine is listed, it may affect the pattern of the high-end mobile phone market, and perhaps Xiaomi will also take advantage of the trend. What is your opinion on Xiaomi Mi 11?

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