Xiaomi Mi 11 Cancelled the Included Charger: What Happened Now?

Lei Jun said on Weibo earlier that a major decision about Xiaomi Mi 11 will be announced today. Subsequently, The Xiaomi mobile phone officially announced on Weibo that the Xiaomi Mi11 will cancel the random charger, in response to the call for technology and environmental protection.

At the same time, Xiaomi also said that a better solution will be announced at the Xiaomi Mi11 conference next week. In this regard, netizens said that although Xiaomi Mi 11 cancels the included charger, it should not be as straightforward and completely cancelled as Apple.

At present, the most popular solution online is that when users buy Mi11, they can choose to add one yuan, and they can get Xiaomi’s own GaN charger. This method can respond to the call for environmental protection, and users do not need to pay more for the purchase. charger. It is worth noting that Xiaomi is the first mobile phone manufacturer in China to announce the cancellation of the included charger.

It is reported that, as the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, Apple has officially cancelled the included chargers and earphones since this year. The products involved are mainly all iPhone series officially sold by Apple.

After Apple’s implementation of this measure, many netizens complained that Apple was “unkind”. However, after the cancellation of the included charger, the sales of the iPhone 12 series were not affected.

In just two weeks of sales, the iPhone 12 has become the world’s most sold 5G mobile phone. As for why the charger was cancelled, Apple said it was for environmental protection.

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It is believed that in the future mobile phone market, manufacturers will not only launch high-performance, cost-effective mobile phones but also make a big fuss about environmental protection.

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