Xiaomi Mi 11 Appeared By Lei Jun: Release soon

Lei Jun announced on the spot that Xiaomi Mi 11 will be the world’s premiere of Snapdragon 888 and will meet with you soon. This is a cutting-edge work that integrates hardcore technology .

The news revealed that Xiaomi Mi 11’s first Snapdragon 888 has an exclusive period and is expected to be officially released in December. Based on this speculation, the Xiaomi Mi 11 conference may be held this month and will go on sale in January.

Today, Lei Jun released a promotional video of Snapdragon 888 on Weibo, saying that “the biggest improvement in the history of Snapdragon platform AI performance”, and brought the topic of Mi 11.

A bright screen mobile phone appeared at the end of the video caught everyone’s attention. From the styling point of view, the machine adopts a center digging screen, plus a hyperboloid screen design, with an excellent screen-to-body ratio. People can’t help but cause associations. Is this Xiaomi Mi 11?

Xiaomi Mi 11 looks like this? Lei Jun begins to warm up: release soon

In fact, clues about the appearance of Mi 11 have been exposed. A few days ago, the well-known digital blogger was the first to expose the tempered film of Xiaomi Mi 11, confirming the design of four-curved screen.

From the perspective of the tempered film shape, the phone is round and round. In addition to the obvious curved surfaces on both sides, the upper and lower frames also use curved surfaces. It is expected that the whole phone will feel good.

Subsequently, the foreign broke the news @BenGeskin also produced a high-definition rendering of Xiaomi 11 based on the known news. In the picture, Xiaomi uses a single digging hole on the left side, and the screen ratio of the four-curved screen is very exaggerated. The rear lens module model is quite innovative, but it remains to be confirmed whether this is the case.

According to earlier reports, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro will use a 2K 120Hz hyperboloid flexible screen with a little curvature (basically in line with a four-curved screen), a resolution of 3200×1440, and a hole-digging screen design. With reference to the Mi 10 90Hz and FHD screen, it is expected that the overall look and feel and fluency of Mi 11 will be greatly improved.

In addition, in view of the fact that the Mi 10 Extreme Edition has been launched for commercial use with 120W wired and 50W wireless seconds, the Mi 11 series is bound to be only high. In terms of photography, Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition currently ranks second in DXO with 133 points. Whether Xiaomi Mi 11 can surpass Huawei Mate40 Pro is also a major highlight of the new phone.

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