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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Released MIUI Stable Version Update With Android 11

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has now pushed the MIUI12.2.1.0 stable version update. The update is based on Android 11. The update provides a lot of new features and new functions, but there seem to be some metaphysical problems. The updated version number is MIUI V12.2.1.0.RJACNXM stable version and the update package volume is 3.5G. According to feedback from users in the Xiaomi community, the Android 11 version seems to have certain problems, such as disappearing taskbar information, secondary card failure to access the Internet, insensitive touch during charging, less available memory (killing the background), dropping frames when exiting the application, and playing Peace Elite Time-dropping, flashback or other problems, high power consumption, screenshot delay, excessive Gaussian blur, false death, heat, etc. Of course, only a few netizens encountered the bug, and they could not represent all users.

There is also an anecdote. When a user in the Xiaomi community asked whether it should be updated, the answer group said that it is not recommended to update.

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This update has a lot of content, including the new Al Super Moon function, the new increase exposure function, the new timing continuous shooting function, the new long exposure mode of 6 scenes and 4 filters, etc. For specific feature updates, please refer to the previous Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro MIUI stable version update content, such as super document, camera, system security update, etc.

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