Xiaomi m i 10 ultra: The best Xiaomi phone

Xiaomi m i 10 ultra

Just a few months ago Xiaomi celebrated its 10th anniversary on a grand occasion. Amidst the speeches and the reminiscing of Xiaomi’s journey over its 10 years, Xiaomi released a few products to celebrate their success over the years. Namely the Mi 10 Ultra, Mi TV Lux Transparent and the Redmi K30 Ultra. As you all know, whenever Xiaomi captions a model with the term “ Ultra “ it signifies that it is one of the best in the market. We decided to review the best Xiaomi phone as of yet, or the Xiaomi m i 10 ultra in this article.

The design of the Xiaomi m i 10 Ultra

Upon release, the Mi 10 Ultra got two separate releases. One was the transparent version and the other was the regular hardback which is common with all other smartphones in the market. If you are looking for the Xiaomi phone in USA, then make sure to check out both models. The transparent version of the Mi 10 Ultra is one of the more impressive and unique designs, a least amongst the Mi collection. Through the transparent back of the brand new phone, we can see clearly the NFC sensor along with its 50W wireless charging sensor. In addition to these two primary components, viewers can also see the special 10 year anniversary sticker on the back. Even though the back of the smartphone is transparent there is still a layer of protection to prevent any damage to its internal components.

Xiaomi m i 10 ultra


The display of the Xiaomi m i 10 Ultra

Even though Samsung does not supply the Ultra’s display anymore, Xiaomi has managed to do a wonderful job recreating it. The new and improved display panel is nothing but sheer goodness with its splendid 10 bits colour output and 120 Hz refresh rate with no reduction in the level of colour accuracy.

From what we managed to mine off, the new display is very similar to the Mi 10s display. Both the phone display’s contain similar delta arrangements, which according to experts is considered to be one of the best arrangements for a display in a smartphone. The 120Hz refresh rate is a bonus, and it makes life so much easier for users. The higher refresh rate means that users are deprived less when it comes to gaming and watching professional videos where high refresh rates make all the difference. Minimal frame loss equals to maximum enjoyment.

Compromise for low frame rates

Talking about high frame rates, we did not however find anything that supplements low frame playback in the Mi 10 Ultra’s display. The One Plus 8 Pro devised a very clever frame interpolation solution for its users known as MEMC. MEMC manages to artificially add additional frames to low frame rate videos in order to bring it up to standard increasing its viewing quality. This did come off as a moment of disappointment to us.

The 120W charging and Overall battery life

Xiaomi m i 10 ultra


Xiaomi has always been a big fan of introducing phones that have fast charging for a decent price and the Mi 10 Ultra is no different. The phone when connected to its standard charger achieved a staggering charge speed. The phone’s stock charger is the first of its kind that can achieve 100W charging efficiency. Its insane charging speed meant that the phone took only 9 mins to get a mind-blowing 50% on its battery level. Considering that the total battery rating is a whopping 4500mAh, this is quite an incredible feat. The full charge test took a mere 24 minutes to complete from zero. This once again showed that is the best Xiaomi phone in USA.

Drain time

Just like its impressive charging speed, the battery has a very good charge retention as well. In our tests we drove the phone through a two hour video on its 120 Hz display option and then spent a good hour browsing through social media. This 3 hour test only took it down to 77% from full charge. Later on we managed to play Pubg for a little over two hours on the phone which only drained about 35% of its remaining charge. Two hours of gameplay for only 35% of its battery is extremely good. The battery life is good enough to last an entire day’s use with no issue.


This was probably the one time we weren’t super impressed with how things went in the Mi 10 Ultra. The benchmark results were not that different from what we found on the Mi 10 and Pro.

To check out the gaming aspect of the phone, we ran Pubg Mobile on it. At first it was pretty impressive, running at 120Fps. Then the heating issues sprung up and caused the phone to automatically lock it down to 60 Fps instead. The game ran at a mediocre frame rate of 76.9 FPS. This is not impressive considering that the phone packs a Snapdragon 865. But the game is still extremely stable on ultra, and runs at 60Fps with no issue.

The game was not able to fully utilise the 120Hz display and its Snapdragon 865 chipset.

The camera

The camera of the Xiaomi m i 10 Ultra is probably the biggest highlight of its release. The phone comes with 4 separate cameras that have different functions. The camera setup has an impressive 120x digital zoom which is pretty much uncontested at the given price range.
The first camera is known as the telephoto camera and contains 5x times optical zoom along with 120x digital zoom.
The second camera is known as the portrait camera and contains a 2x zoom.
The third is the main camera.
Final one in the collection is the phone’s wide angle lens. This has a massive capture angle of a whopping 128 degrees.


The sample’s we took from the camera of the Ultra turned out great. Even under complicated lighting the pictures did not lose any quality nor were there any blemishes in the texture of the pictures we took. Once we turned on the HDR option the colouring was outstanding.
The ultra-wide lens did show some complications when the lens started to get distorted. But this was expected considering how wide the capture is.

Overall verdict

The phone definitely has that premium feel you get when using a high quality device. The only drawback we experienced was during the performance test, but it should be told that this is not a gaming phone. Heating issues are imminent in a phone such as this. As with what was announced, Xiaomi has truly proven that they aren’t just about creating cost effective phones but devices that are premium enough to stand against any competition. The Xiaomi m i 10 ultra is a great example of it. It is safe to say that it is the most powerful phone Xiaomi phone in USA. A full international release is expected considering how popular the device got.

Overall, we would give the device a 4 out of 5.

Our Rating

[rating stars=”4.0″]

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