Xiaomi Four Curved Waterfall Screen Phone Unveiled by Lei Jun

Xiaomi today officially announced its first four-curved waterfall screen concept phone, using the four-sided 88° hypercurved design, the bezel is almost all replaced by the screen, the appearance is very amazing. We learned that Lei Jun, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, also introduced this concept mobile phone in WeChat public number, and said that the whole phone without holes design is the new direction of the future mobile phone.

Lei Jun said that screen display is one of the core strategies of Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi officially launched the first four curved waterfall screen concept phone, all sides 88° ultra curved screen design, so that the picture like water flow around, on the table like a crystal drop of water. The frame around is almost completely replaced by the screen, the body has no opening, no keys, and truly realizes the future design of one body without holes.

Lei Jun said that the shape of the future mobile phone depends on the shape of the screen. Because of the breakthrough of the four-curved waterfall screen, the integrated hole-free design of future mobile phones has a new direction.

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