Xiaomi Four-Curved Waterfall Screen Phone Patent Leaked

Xiaomi filed a patent for Smart and Collected Appearance in early 2021, showcasing two bold designs for a phone with a waterfall screen with four curved surfaces. The only difference between the two looks is whether the rounded corners cover the screen, with no physical buttons on either side of the bezel.

Foreign media made a rendering of the phone according to the patent. It can be seen that the Model A design uses flexible screen to cover the front and four sides of the phone, but the four rounded corners are not covered. The phone’s bezel is divided into four segments, and the screen’s edges don’t completely cover the side frames. The camera module on the back of the phone uses a two-step design, with a thick main camera and a microphone opening at the bottom.

The second design, Model B, is even bolder. The screen of the mobile phone completely covers the edges and corners, presenting a perfect 90° waterfall screen effect. When viewed from the front, the screen does not have any openings or white space. In other respects, the phone’s bezel and back cover design is the same as the first type

As can be seen from the renderings made by foreign media, this design is very bold, but the front-facing camera will definitely adopt the scheme under the screen. In addition, there are no reserved openings for the receiver, speaker, microphone, etc., and the specific implementation method is unknown.

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Xiaomi has previously released a surround-screen concept phone called Mix Alpha. The screen of this concept phone covers the back of the phone through the side frames, and the width of the upper and lower frames is 2.15mm. The physical buttons of the traditional mobile phone are realized by the touch and pressure sense of the side screen. The phone, which uses on-screen voice technology and features a 100-megapixel sensor from Samsung, will cost 19,999 yuan. If the solution in Xiaomi’s patent can be realized, it will also be equipped with the screen sound technology of Mix Alpha, and the waterfall screen with the bezels is expected to also realize the function of traditional buttons through pressure sensing and other ways.

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