Xiaomi Folding Screen Phones Patents Released: 7 Design Patents

Xiaomi previously applied for a large number of patents for the appearance of Xiaomi Folding Screen mobile phones, which were published on January 1, 2021. Foreign media LetsGoDigital dug up 7 design patents, these patents cover at least all the forms of folding phones currently on the market, and at least three models are expected to be released this year.

@Ross Young, an authority on the screen supply chain and the founder and CEO of DSCC, broke the news that Xiaomi is expected to launch three folding screen phones in 2021. They are the outer folding type, the inner folding type and the clamshell type, which are the three mainstream forms. In addition, the design of the outward-folding model is similar to Huawei Mate X, so the size is larger than the other two models.

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Among the 7 patented designs above Xiaomi, two are clamshell designs, such as Moto Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip; four book-style internal folding screens, such as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold; and the last one is an external folding screen. Type, such as Huawei Mate Xs.

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